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5 Outfit Ideas To Wear To A Conan Gray Concert: Superache Tour Edition

conan gray concert outfit ideas

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Conan Gray’s “Superache” has easily become a must listen to album this summer. Gracing the U.S. Billboard 200’s chart at spot number nine and with the album accumulating over 500 million streams as of today, it is no surprise that Conan announced a brand new tour for fans to attend. Despite Conan just coming off his world tour in early summer, it’s safe to assume that he’s excited to start performing again with songs off his new album. Yet with the first few shows of the tour already done, the urgency for fans to find an outfit to wear remains a top priority.

Finding outfits for a concert can be an extremely tiring task. With artists having unique aesthetics and certain crowds having different vibes, it can be difficult to find an outfit that best suits the occasion. And fashion is certainly no stranger to Conan Gray.

Everything about Conan Gray is a bit dramatic, theatric and incredibly bold in the best way possible. That goes by saying, the clothing and overall vibe of Conan Gray are expressive, unique and most certainly fun! And your concert outfit should 100% reflect that. So to save you the time and stress of finding inspiration for what to wear to the “Superache” tour, here are 5 Conan Gray concert outfit ideas that will help you look your absolute best.

You Maniac!

“Maniac”, a track off Conan’s first album “Kid Krow”, is undeniably one of Conan’s most popular songs. If you know anything about Conan and his songwriting, he is not afraid to call people out and this song is no exception. Written from the perspective of someone calling out an ex-lover for spreading rumors about them for the sole reason of appearing to be the “good one” out of the breakup, this song will have everyone entering their villain era.

With the song being so upbeat, dramatic and edgy, your outfit needs to reflect those same vibes. Bold colors of red, black and silver will be your go-to and feel free to incorporate those colors in any garment you’d want to wear.

The outfits above encapsulate the energy of “Maniac” PERFECTLY, in my opinion. They’re fashionable and easy to accessorize and will have you unleashing your inner maniac. This pleated mini skirt on Amazon has all sorts of sizes for everyone to have and these layered silver necklaces will be a perfect addition to the fit– also did I mention that the skirt has built-in shorts underneath? Talk about comfort! And if you’re not feeling a skirt, these high-waisted trousers along with this chic faux leather jacket will make a great fit worthy of breaking hearts and making your exes jealous. So, embrace the drama and the messiness of a breakup and show everyone that you mean business with these outfits!

Ridden The Stars And Everything From Saturn To Mars

Although Conan may have loads of upbeat and songs that will have you scream at the top of your lungs, he also has songs that will pull your heartstrings and make you use an entire box of tissues. One of my favorite songs of his, “Astronomy”, tells the story of two close friends drifting apart from one another and can’t do anything to prevent it because the two are traveling on drastically different paths. And while the song may be heart-shattering and incredibly relatable to anyone who has gone through a friendship breakup, the ideas and concepts of astronomy can be used as inspiration for your outfit.

For my fellow space lovers and connoisseurs of star-gazing, these outfits are so stunning and if I were lucky enough to be going to a show on this tour, I would absolutely wear these. This mesh black dress on Amazon is heavenly and this crescent moon waist chain will be the star of the outfit. And these sun and moon tarot card shirts on Etsy will most certainly have the stars aligned in favor of you if you wear these to the concert.

And don’t be afraid to get creative with makeup! Elf cosmetics and their liquid metallic eyeshadow is one of the best things I own, and the shimmer you get from the pigment and the glitter is truly out of this world. Also, don’t forget to add little star glitters to perfect the final look!

Y2K Aesthetic


For everyone wondering, this is the vibe. #conangray #concertoutfits @conangray

♬ People Watching – Conan Gray

In the past few years, Zillennials among TikTok and Pinterest have brought back the famous Y2k trends and integrated them into mainstream society once again. Celebrities like Olivia Rodrigo and of course, Conan, have become Zillennial fashion trailblazers when it comes to embracing and doing the aesthetic justice.

If you’re looking to have an outfit worthy of Olivia Rodrigo and Conan status, look no further and take inspiration from the trends of the 2000s. Baggy pants, jean mini skirts, baby tees with slogans, and mini dresses are all great pieces to add to your wardrobe and of course, go to the show. And because the Y2K trend is back and better than ever, having these items in your closet will have you fitting in with the current trends of today.

Also, if you aren’t looking to buy an entirely new outfit for the show, I bet for sure that you probably already have some pieces of the Y2k aesthetic laying around in your closet– don’t be afraid to wear it out and don’t forget to accessorize!

Mixing And Mashing Masculinity and Feminity

Like I said previously, Conan is known for mixing both masculine and feminine styles into his wardrobe. From wearing skirts and pink dresses from Valentino at Coachella to wearing Shakesperan-esque suits at Radio City Music Hall, Conan holds absolutely nothing back when it comes to fashion – and neither should you.

Experimenting with different fashion choices that you aren’t necessarily used to helps you grow out of your comfort zone and be more adventurous with how you dress yourself.

Recreate Conan’s Looks

Throughout his career, Conan’s fashion and sense of style have changed dramatically yet have always remained an iconic part of who he is. But to Conan’s style, there’s a certain duality to it– one that’s cozy, relatable and easy to put together and another that’s eccentric and completely out of this world.

Sweater vests are in and they are here to stay. Pair this with a white button-up and some light-colored trousers, and you too can stay comfy while you dance around. But if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and a bit bolder, dare I suggest you recreate Conan’s Coachella look?

His look, decked out in pink and shimmery glitter from head to toe, is certainly one that is eye-catching and vibrant. And since Valentino designs may be hard to get, these pants and this top from Amazon can help create the perfect outfit dupe.

Conan is seriously such a fantastic performer and you will enjoy every part of the concert. And now that you FINALLY have your outfit inspiration, get ready to dress up, sing your heart out and enjoy the show. Don’t forget to bring tissues too!

What will you be wearing for Conan Gray’s Superache tour? Did we help alleviate some stress and give you all the Conan Gray concert outfit ideas you needed? Let us know in the comments below!

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