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8 Meaningful & Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas For Your Big Day

unique wedding guest book

I am getting married in a little more than a month! When you’re this close to potentially one of the biggest days of your life – there are a lot of details to think about. All the big things are completed and finished, but you have so many tiny details to perfect. Reception decorations, getting ready outfits for the bridesmaids and buying and picking out little things like cake cutters and wedding guestbooks. But when it came to deciding on a wedding guest book for my wedding, I was on the search for something meaningful, elegant and fun. Here are my favorite unique wedding guest book ideas for your wedding day!

Photo Book Guestbook

Want a way to use those beautiful engagement photos? This is one of my favorite ideas! Personally, I feel like your wedding photos will obviously overshadow your engagement photos, so this is a really fun way to give them their own time to shine. You can print out your favorite images with blank pages, so your family and friends can sign in between your photos. That way, you have a gorgeous coffee table book that is filled with lovely notes and signatures from the people you love most. You can use black pages and a silver marker, or a white or lightly colored page with a black marker! Definitely just make sure you have some extra markers on the table and that you’ve tested them out so they won’t smear.

Jenga Guestbook

Do you and your fiancé love playing board games or party games like Jenga? Personally, I love the idea of having a guestbook that will get actual use. Unlike a book, a game of Jenga can be used super often on game nights. This will make it so special, because every time you play, you’ll be reminded of your memories and your wedding. Though, I would definitely recommend you take your guest count into consideration if you use this one, just to make sure everyone will have some room to sign! Once again, you can use a black or silver marker and since Jenga pieces are made of wood, they definitely won’t smear off (or fade)!

Hold The Phone Audio Guestbook


As if this message doesn’t make you feel special. Remember that it’s more than a message or kind words. It’s the voice, meaning, and person leaving it for you. Get your hands on the New Audio Guestbook, Hold the Phone. Made and founded in Canada. 🇨🇦❤️☎️

♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

This is the guest book I will have at my wedding and I am SO excited! Hold The Phone was created by husband and wife duo Suzy (@suzyqueenphotos) and Mark (Dj Rukus), who wanted to create an affordable opportunity for couples to reconnect with their wedding memories through voice. If you haven’t taken a look at their Instagram, you absolutely have to! They have 9 gorgeous phone colors to choose from which span from classic & sleek to fun & neon! These phones can be set up anywhere at your wedding ceremony or reception without being plugged in, so you can go all out with decorations. Photos capture memories in such a  beautiful way but nothing can beat listening to the voice of your loved ones. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a budget for videography for y wedding, so this guest book will be a perfect way for me to capture the sounds of my big day.

Cornhole Boards


DIYing my wedding #guestbook cornhole boards! 👰🏼‍♀️💙 I love that we can bring these out for backyard parties for years to come!! #weddingdiy #bridetobe #guestbookalternatives

♬ original sound – officialmyramusic

Once again, I’m absolutely obsessed with finding ways to incorporate your guestbook into your daily life. If you and your lover like to play outdoor games, this cornhole board idea is so much fun! Once again, you can have fun with the different colored markers that you offer to your guests and thankfully, you have so much surface room. This one is great if you are having a huge wedding! Though, I would definitely recommend that you have them lifted up on a table so that they are easily accessible for your guests. These can become such a focal point in your backyard after your wedding is over, which I love!

Polaroid Station

The polaroid station has been hugely popular within the last ten years, though there are two methods you can use. I’ve seen the first option where you can have your guests sign the polaroid photos themselves, or the second in which they can paste them into a guestbook and sign under them! Both options are really cute and very aesthetic. If this is the option you are choosing, make sure you have a Polaroid camera and enough film for all of your guests! I’d also recommend you appoint someone at your wedding party to keep an eye on this station, in case the film needs to be changed out or someone needs help.

Vinyl Record

If you and your love are obsessed with music, this vinyl record guest book is SO MUCH fun! Personally, I think it would be so cute to have your family and friends sign the record that has your first dance song on it. Or, just another single or album that means a lot to you as a couple! Silver markers look best on vinyl records and you can even set out multiple records and let your family sign both sides. Just be warned that the record will not work the same way as it once did, so make sure you’re doing this for your future home decor, not for your home use.

Writing In The Margins

Are you and your future spouse big readers? Or is your religion an integral part of your relationship? These guestbooks are super unique and so meaningful. You can pick out any book and have your guests highlight and write notes for you two in the margins. Or, you can find a Bible which has room for notes and ask your guests to highlight their favorite verses and have them write out some advice for the newlywed couple. People can pick out quotes in the book you’ve chosen, or share with you Bible verses that have helped them throughout their lives. I love every type of guest book that allows your guests to give you advice – your family and friends have a fountain of knowledge and want nothing for the best for you. Use that wisely!

Letters of Wisdom

This is one of my favorite options!! Just like the last one, it really utilizes the wisdom of your guests and the advice they have for you. There are also a few awesome ways that you can do this! You can either have a few boxes for letters on a guestbook table, or you can have this as an activity for each table. For table nine, they can write a letter for your ninth anniversary and so on! This is also a guestbook idea that will last years, with brand new advice and words of wisdom that you’ve never read before. Imagine reading a letter from your grandparents ten years later down the line. It’s such a beautiful and fun idea! This also makes your guests feel really involved with your life and the wedding itself!

What are your favorite unique wedding guest book ideas? What guest book will you be using at your wedding? Let us know in the comment section below!

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