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What To Wear To Sabrina Carpenter Concert – 3 Outfit Ideas

what to wear to Sabrina Carpenter concert

Sabrina Carpenter has recently began her Emails I Can’t Send tour and fans are getting excited. Just like any concert, people are wondering what to wear to the event, myself included. I’m taking my little sister to her concert on Oct 12th and we’ve been trying to coordinate our outfits. Concert outfits are such an specific science because you need something comfortable enough to stand in (and dance in) for hours, but something still fashionable enough to look amazing in photos. I’ve drawn so much inspiration from Sabrina’s own style and even her song lyrics to give you guys some ideas. Here’s what to wear to Sabrina Carpenter concert and all of my favorite Sabrina Carpenter concert outfit ideas.

Emails I Can’t Send


Help me decide which shoes to wear with the Sabrina Carpenter tour outfit, plz I’m begging!! 💌 #sabrinacarpenter #sabrinacarpentertour #emailsicantsend #emailsicantsendtour #concertoutfit

♬ Nonsense – Sabrina Carpenter

Obviously, one of the main motifs of the album is emails, letters and envelopes! A lot of the merch that was released on Sabrina Carpenter’s website called back to the envelope emoji (an envelope with a heart sticker) and this can design easily be incorporated into your outfit! Check out these adorable envelope earrings from Etsy, or take advantage of the white background/red heart combo with a sweater like this one. Or, take it another step furtherand wear this insanely cute heart corset top from Zara. Don’t forget to finish off the look with these classic heart sunglasses. This type of look is really giving off Valentines Day vibes and is soooo cute! As long as you incorporate a cream color and red hearts, you’ll have a perfect tour outfit.

Fast Times and Fast Nights, yeah


go see sabrina carpenter live like rn…ily @sabrinacarpenter #sabrinacarpenter #emailsicantsend #tour #concerts

♬ original sound – santi

One of the singles off this album was “Fast Times,” a tune all about a fast-paced relationship running off the rails with a badass music video paired with it. In this video, Sabrina wears a few absolutely iconic outfits, like leather jackets and corset tops. Though in general, Sabrina herself is a huge fan of wearing corset tops, and even wore one at one of the first tour dates! The more boning in the top the better, we’d recommend ones like this one, this one, or this one if you are wanting to match one of her most iconic Fast Times looks. Pair it with a tight skirt, or even get a dress with a corset top like this one or this one. Then, wear some leather to bring in that badass motorcycle look. Here’s a leather jacket, a leather corset top and a leather skirt to get you started.

Because I Liked A Boy


my new album ‘emails i cant send’ is out now + the ‘because i liked a boy’ video💌🥺 go listen/watchand lmk what u think

♬ because i liked a boy – Sabrina Carpenter

“Because I Liked A Boy” was the latest single off the album, a song that asked the audience why she was sent over hate off of doing absolutely nothing. I could rant about this topic for days, but beyond the seriously important topic of the song, she also makes some hilarious and awesome pop culture references. Let’s walk through the lyrics here… “We bonded over Black Eyed Peas and complicated exes.” Wearing a Black Eyed Peas T-Shirt would be way too iconic and actually hilarious. Now, “you showed up with a boombox and stars in your eyes.” Check out these boombox earrings and these star sunglasses. Little details like this paired together can be so hilarious and so cute all at the same time! You don’t have to wear all of these together either – pair the boombox earrings with a corset top or a completed different outfit and you have some tiny tasteful details. Any time a musician throws in pop culture references, it can be so fun to use them in your concert outfits!

Trying to figure out what to wear to Sabrina Carpenter concert? What Sabrina Carpenter concert outfit ideas do you have? Let us know in the comments below!

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