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Looking for Cute Nintendo Switch Accessories? The Cutest Grips, Skins & Cases

cute nintendo switch accessories

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Even though the initial Nintendo Switch and Animal Crossing craze have subsided, gamers are still obsessed with the gaming system and everything it offers. Personally, I’ve had my Nintendo Switch for a few years and I still love it as much as the first day I got it. Back in the day, I had a Nintendo DS (in rose gold, obviously) and brought it everywhere. Now, my Switch is usually tucked away in my bag, ready to make an appearance. I even named it and everything – but I can’t be the only one who loves to dress it up and make it look cute. Recently, I’ve opened the doors to the world of cute Nintendo Switch accessories and I can’t stop! Here are some of my favorite ways to decorate your Switch and all of the different aesthetics offered.

Thumb Grips

If you would like a little upgrade without trying too hard, thumb grips are the move. One of the easiest ways to dress up your Switch is by swapping out different thumb grip caps! Cover up those old boring black ones and introduce some fun to your system! Here are some super cute cottagecore mushroom thumb grips, cute summery fruit grips, frog/axolotl grips, multicolor flower grips and there are so many other options available on Etsy! Throwing on some thumb grip caps is one of the best ways to decorate your gaming system, especially because this works for people who have Nintendo Switch Lite systems too! They’ll give your system so much more personality. And don’t worry, your Amiibo cards should still scan fine through the caps!

Nintendo Switch Skins

Gone are the days when your game system would stick out like a sore thumb in terms of your home decor. I remember my mom always getting irritated that my dad’s systems like the Playstation or his old Super Nintendo didn’t fit our home’s aesthetic. Now, if you want your system to fit right in, it easily can with these super cute skins. Nintendo Switch vinyl skins can change the look of your entire system. Looking for some super aesthetic and cute options? Here is a 70s orange vibe vinyl, Halloween pumpkin and ghost skin perfect for the fall (or all year, really!), a cottage core mushroom themed one, a woodland doodle option, sunflowers and there are so many other options available on Etsy! Though, keep in mind that most, if not all of the skins online are made for Nintendo Switch systems, and not for Nintendo Switch Lite systems.

Nintendo Switch Cases

One of the most amazing things about Nintendo Switches is that they are portable! Though, you need to keep them safe while you are transporting them around town. Even though you might want a case for your system so you’re keeping it safe on the go, it doesn’t have to ruin your aesthetic or outfit. There are actually some super cute cases out there that will feel closer to a purse than or an accessory than what it really is. Here are some super cute options for you! Here’s a strawberry-themed case, a studio Ghibli Totoro case, a floral Nintendo Switch sleeve, a Winnie The Pooh carrying case and there are so many other options available on Etsy!

What are your favorite cute Nintendo Switch accessories? Let us know what you do to make your Switch look cute in the comment section below!

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