What Are My Angel Numbers? Keep Seeing These Everywhere? What To Know


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Ever find yourself glancing at the time and seeing the digits 2:22 on the clock? Or maybe while you’re shopping, you come across a price tag that reads $9.99 and feel like that item is meant just for you. Or if you’re a book connoisseur like me and you realize that your favorite line of the book is on page 111– you may be asking yourself if it’s all just a coincidence. If you ever found yourself experiencing something like this, you’re in luck because what you are seeing are angel numbers.

What Are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are numerical sequences that either have repeating three/four digits (such as 444, 7777, etc) or patterns (such as 1234, 321, etc). While these number sequences may seem like nothing at first, a second glance at them can make you feel a certain uncanny energy that makes them seem purposeful and meant just for you.

Angel numbers are not just a mere coincidence and are often seen as a message from the universe. Essentially, your “guardian angels” are trying to communicate with you to tell you what lies ahead in your life and to lead you in the right direction. Assigning such numbers to a message from a higher consciousness, guides, ancestors, angels or even spirits, these numbers serve as little moments of guidance– and how cool is it to receive some cosmic energy from the universe?

Angel numbers are nothing new– in fact, they’ve been around for thousands of years dating back to Ancient Greece times. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras (yes, the inventor of the Pythagorean theorem!) dove into numerology to explain abstract numerical relationships. He argued that all numbers ranging from one to nine hold different kinds of energies and vibrations, and by understanding those vibration frequencies, we can gain hidden insights into our lives. Now with each number having its unique frequency and purpose, the angel number sequences you see are tailored and made to give you the right message you need at that current moment. So what kinds of messages are your “angels” sending you? Let’s find out!

111: Intuition And New Beginnings

The number sequence 111 is all about self-confidence, new beginnings and trusting our intuition. It’s a number that values independence. When seeing this sign, it’s a message from the divine that you might be moving into a new phase of life. The energy of this number also allows for great manifestations to happen, so if there’s something you’ve been meaning to manifest it’s a sign from the angels to do it immediately.

222: Alignment And Harmony

222 is all about balance and making sure you are maintaining all aspects of your life without exhausting yourself or feeling drained. It’s a reminder to check in on your relationships with the people in your life and to be at ease with yourself. If you find yourself seeing this number frequently, there is a potential that you might be approaching something that requires harmony in your life. Or it can mean that you are trying to seek balance in the chaos, and the angels are telling you that you are on the right track to serenity!

333: Creativity And Positivity

Thinking outside the box and prioritizing fun is what 333 prides itself on. It focuses on the positive and joyful aspects of life, and it’s a sign from the universe to focus on increasing your happiness in life. It means being more optimistic in your decision-making, and focusing your energy on your artsy/creative side. So what are you waiting for? Get creative and embrace your potential.

444: Stability And Progress

Repeating 4s is a message from the universe that you need to stabilize and ground yourself to be able to complete your goals. Seeing 444 as an angel number is an acknowledgment that you’ve been working hard and an assurance from the universe that you are on track to completing your goals. 444 is a mixture of perseverance and efficiency– driving your focus on what you want to accomplish will have your angels guiding you with the utmost intention.

555: Change And Freedom

Seeing 555 at any point during your day can mean that major changes are on the horizon! These can mean massive shifts or transformations in your life, and your angels are reminding you to stay aware and remain positive about these new changes.  When you see this sequence, allow these changes to come as naturally as possible and encourage the means that help you feel fulfilled in your life.

666: Emotions And Redirection

Contrary to some beliefs that the sequence 666 has some not-so-angelic connotations and can have associations with demon figures, 666 is all about getting in tune with your emotions and empathetic nature. It’s a message from the universe that you need to reflect on your emotional state and refocus on the important things in your life. This is an opportunity to regroup with yourself and realize that the universe has your back!

777: Awakenings And Spirituality

When I think of 777, I’m easily reminded of the flashing lights of Vegas casinos and looking at slot machines. And while 777 can be a good sign of good prosperity and fortune, the angel number sequence is a supercharged version of spirituality. It relates to deep wisdom, faith and spiritual practices. It’s a sign from the divine that you might need spiritual awakenings and should be searching for opportunities that bring you fulfillment.

888: Abundance And Unlimted Potential

Within numerology, the number eight is considered to be one of the luckiest numbers. When seeing this sequence of eights, it’s a very lucky sign when it comes to seeking abundance and wealth in all aspects. 888 is all about unlocking your real potential that will make you incredibly successful in the material realm. It’s a message from the angels to keep striving forward. It’s no coincidence that the infinity sign and the number eight look the same, so when you ever get the chance to see 888, note that as a sign of you moving toward your achievements and limitless possibilities.

999: Ending One Cycle And Expanding Horizons

Last but not least, the meaning of nine is all about bringing things full circle and to completion. This may suggest that a chapter of your life is coming to an end and soon you will be starting a brand new journey. Whether that’s a new job, relationship or a new opportunity, 999 is meant to symbolize the closing and rebirth of a new era in your life and it’s a perfect time to take risks and step outside your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to venture outwards– the universe has your back through it all!

Keep A Look Out For Angel Numbers From Now On

One of the coolest things about angel numbers is that they can appear in ordinary places and do not need to be actively sought out. They can show up on clocks, billboards, phone numbers, license plates, pages of books, price tags, cereal boxes… the possibilities are truly endless. Angel numbers are all about getting in touch with the divine and spirituality, and I think there’s comfort in knowing that some divine force has your back through it all. So the next time you find yourself taking a glance at another angel number, know that the universe is guiding you through it all and hopefully, you’ll get the message you are destined to receive.

What are your thoughts on angel numbers? Is there a specific angel number that resonates with you the most? What angel number have you seen the most in your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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