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Q&A With Emei – “This past year has really been unbelievable”

emei q&a

This is an interview done with Emei, read her story below! If you, or anyone you know, would like to be highlighted in The Zillennial Zine, shoot us an email at or DM us on Instagram!


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Q: Tell us your story! Where did you begin and how did you reach the caliber you’re currently at?

A: I grew up in New Jersey with Chinese immigrant parents. They were always very supportive of my musical interest! I started singing when I was around 9, performing in the Chinese-American communities around New Jersey and New York. Once I turned 15, I took a gap year from highschool and I competed in Chinese Idol and ended up getting third place. That was definitely a huge learning experience and it made me realize I loved performing more than anything and possibly wanted to do this full time. Once I came back, I started writing my own music to find a way to express myself through all that teen angst. Flash forward a few years (and covid), I started this artist project about a year ago. I’m super grateful for all the love and support I’ve gotten so far and that I get to do what I love!

Q: What makes you love what you do? How long have you been making music? Would you call it your passion?

A: I’ve been performing now for 14 years (wow that’s a wildly long time when I say it like that). I’ve been writing for about 7 years. I love it so so much. There’s nothing else like connecting to a crowd of people through music. Music communicates emotions in a way that words can’t and it’s really special that I get to do this. When I was a kid, when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always said I wanted to be a singer. And I don’t think that ever changed. 

Q: What are some accomplishments or milestones you’ve reached lately?

A: I finished my first EP this past month which is so wild!! I’m so proud of it, and I’m so excited for everyone to hear it soon. This past year has really been unbelievable. I just hit 400K monthly listeners!! I remember hitting 10K monthly listeners on Spotify and being unable to wrap my head around that number. So, this is all honestly a dream come true.

Q: Tell us about “Regrets”!!

A: “Regrets” was inspired by one night where I couldn’t sleep because I was just journaling about all the things I wish I had said, and done and how dumb most of those regrets were. The track has rock elements that helps it build in intensity just as the regrets keep piling and piling up. This song was a song where I left the session and couldn’t stop playing it. Something about it felt so real and truthful that I immediately felt an obligation to myself to put it out. I’m so excited it’s out in the world and I hope it can mean something to my listeners as well.

Q: Do you have any advice for someone who is starting out in the music industry?

A: The best advice I’ve got is to write as many bad songs as you can. Writing block is so real when you first start out and if you’re scared to write something bad, you’re never gonna get to the good stuff. I think actively accepting that most of what you write at first will be cheesy and maybe even awful (some of my first songs definitely were) will clear up space for you to get better and to eventually write songs you’ll love.

Q: What do you want our readers to know about you and your music?

A: Most of my songs start as just brain dumps of my existential dread or simple daily annoyances. They’re a lot of journal entry inspired songs and it blows my mind that anybody listens to the stuff I write and actually relates. Kinda just shows that all of us are going through so much of the same stuff!

Anything else you would like to add?

I’m playing a showcase on Halloween in LA! It’s School Night at the Bardot. I’m performing my entire EP and would love to scream it with good people! Come if you’re in the area 🙂

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