13 Things You Need For Your Taylor Swift Midnights Release Party

taylor swift midnights release party

Swifties, it is almost time… Taylor Swift’s tenth album Midnights is literally releasing this weekend. It honestly snuck up on me and now I’m trying to figure out how I’ll be listening. Obviously, with something as monumental as this, we have to party. So if you’re planning a Taylor Swift Midnights release party, here are the 13 (because, duh) things you need to have the best night ever.

Fill The Pool With Champagne

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First of all, you HAVE to be drinking champagne at your release party! But you don’t just have to be drinking it – there are SO many fun things you can be doing. First of all, create a champagne tower with these glasses and don’t forget to do them up! Use this edible glitter to bring the midnight sky to your beverages, and some blue cotton candy for sweetness and aesthetics! Your drinks will look ANd taste fabulous!

Dress Like A Daydream

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Next, let’s take a look at your party outfit! Obviously, we have to fit the theme perfectly. Here’s a long sleeve top that will make you look like midnight yourself, a blue spaghetti strap dress with the same vibe, or an extravagant evening gown if you’d like to be a little extra. Basically, any way that you can incorporate the stars, moon and midnight sky into your outfit is a must!


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One of the new songs is called “Bejeweled” which means we better not forget to accessorize! Now that you have an outfit picked out, let’s add some sparkle! Add this star headband to your hair, wear these moon and star earrings and slip on these star socks. Don’t worry about overdoing it, as long as you stick to a color palette, you will look amazing!

In Shades Of Grey In Candlelight

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Before you start decorating, you have to set the vibe. Use this Yankee Candle (Midsummer’s Night) to make it smell like night (I guess?!). Then, use this star projector so that even indoors, you can gaze at the sky! Finally, set these LED blue candles around the house for some extra vibes (with less chance of a fire hazard!).

Love You To The Moon and To Saturn

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Now, it’s time to decorate!! The vibe is set, you look amazing, but you need some extra touches to make your setting match the theme. Try this moon phases garland, this blue/gold/white balloon pack and this gold star confetti for your tables and counters. Once again, as long as you pick silver or gold, you can’t really overdo it! Your party location is about to look dreamy!

Whiskey On Ice

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Planning on serving other drinks than just champagne? There are so many other extra details that can bring some fun to your bar. These star ice cube trays, glitter shot glasses and blue rock candy stirrers can all make your drinks out of this world.

I Want Your Midnights

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We’re doing this New Year’s Eve style! You bet that we are going to be counting down to Midnight (or whatever time it will be where you live) so we can all listen to the album as soon as it comes out! Because of that, I think it would be really fun to have a bunch of clocks. Here are a few of my favorite options. This old-school mantle clock paired with this high-tech digital clock and this blue wall clock would be amazing!

Gown Shaped Like A Pastry

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It simply can’t be a Taylor Swift party without any baking involved! Taylor herself loves to bake and is often posting cakes and cookies that she has made. For your dessert options, I would recommend these star sprinkles, star/moon/cloud-shaped cookie cutters and some blue icing. With these three decorations, your cookies (or whatever dessert you make) will look amazing!

Indie Record Much Cooler Than Mine

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Obviously, the whole point of a listening party is to listen to the new album! But what format will you be listening to? You could order this lowkey and sleek record player, you could get this moon lamp with a built in bluetooth speaker, or go old school with this retro looking bluetooth speaker (to give off the Midnights Mayhem vibes)!

Polish Plates Until They Gleam and Glisten

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Obviously, you can use your fine China if you’d like, but I prefer to make things easier when I throw a party. That’s why these star shaped paper plates are a must! Pair them with these gold glitter plastic cups and matching gold glitter silverware and you’ll be good to go!

We Were Card Sharks Playing Games

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While I know you will be focused on listening to the album, you might also want to have some activities for your party guests! Some card games are an easy way for people to have fun and mingle, even if they don’t know each other yet! Out of all the card games out there, Exploding Kittens, Red Flags & Hot Takes feel the most like Taylor Swift to me!

Just Show Up At My Party

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Okay, party favors can seem like they are only for little kid’s birthday parties but these star sunglasses can be such a fun way to keep your guests on theme and to have fun with it! Or send your guests hope with these star shaped stress balls which will actually come in handy in their busy lives (plus they are gold and cute)! Or my favorite party favor would be filling these adorable star shaped bottles up with shots to give to your guests!

Gleaming Twinkling

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Honestly, I feel like the best way to end your Midnights themed party would be to go outside and light sparklers with your friends! These star and heart shaped sparklers are so cool and are great for photos!

What will you have at your Taylor Swift Midnights Release Party? Did we miss anything on this list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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