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9 Dog Halloween Costume Homemade Options That Your Pup Won’t Hate

dog halloween costume homemade

Halloween with a pup can be ever-so fun! But most of the time, dressing up in costume is much more fun for us than it is for our furry friends. This year, why not make your pup happy to dress up and be included in the festivities? Whether you prefer your dog halloween costume homemade or from the store, these options are great! With comfy and simple options like these, your doggo with thank you for not putting them in something ridiculously annoying this year! So, here are some ideas for Halloween costumes your dog won’t hate.

Beanie Baby

All this classic puppy Halloween costume needs is a folded paper heart made to look like the oh-so-recognizable Beanie Baby tags. Just tie this “tag” around your dog’s collar and you have yourself a beanie pup. Bonus points if your pup has fluffy fur like a real beanie baby.


I think this is my favorite dog costume I’ve ever seen and it’s so easy! All you have to do is dirty up a pillowcase and cut and tie it to fit like Dobby’s robes. If your dog has long, pointy ears, there will be no mistaking what your pup is for Halloween. This iconic Harry Potter character is such a great costume idea for dogs!


Do you think your pup won’t tolerate a costume of any kind? Think again! This Bambi costume only requires you to pick up some non-toxic paint and add deer-like spots to your dog’s back and sides. If you have a light brown doggo, they will definitely start to look like a deer by the end of your painting!


For almost any Zillennial, a dog with a lightning bolt on its side is pretty much instantly recognizable as Bolt, Miley Cyrus’ character’s dog in his namesake movie. This fun kids’ action movie also provides some other pretty recognizable characters to dress up after, so if you’re looking to make a whole family costume around your pup, this is a great option!

Scooby Doo

Just in case you forgot, this classic Halloween costume was pretty much made for dogs, because well, Scooby Doo is a dog. Getting a collar that looks like Scoobert Doobert’s is a must to make this costume work, but some finishing touches could include having a box of “Scooby Snacks” at the ready, or even replicating the mystery gang’s pup mascot’s spots on your dog as well.


Need another paint-only costume for your dog who would hate to wear a costume this Halloween? On a black or dark-colored pup, painting a dog skeleton is always a great idea! Bonus points if you use glow-in-the-dark paint, but regardless, this dog costume is both cute and a little creepy.


If your dog can handle something simple to wear, this Wonderbread costume is such a cute one to see your little pupper toddling around in. Also, if you can’t find a dog wonderbread costume anywhere, it could be very simple to make yourself with some felt cutouts and a white doggy onesie!


If you have an apron lying around, put it on your pup and make them a nametag, and BOOM, your K9 companion is now ready to serve you up some paw-fee. OK, that was bad, but this costume is so, so good and is definitely a good option for picky pups.

Astro- Pup

If your dog won’t mind something on their back, making an astro-pup costume is such a cute option. Just spray paint a cereal box with bottles glued to it silver and glue on a NASA logo and you’re dog’s zoomies will make them look like a rocket taking off! What a loyal space explorer!

Do you think you’ll try out any of these dog costume ideas this Halloween for your pup? Do you prefer your dog halloween costume homemade or bought from the store? Let us know in the comments! If you take pictures of your pup all dressed up, tag us on Instagram so we can share them!

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