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Let The Celebration Begin: 5 Cute Outfit Ideas For Your 21st Birthday

cute outfits for 21st birthday

Birthdays are a momentous occasion, no matter what age you are. Celebrating your birthday with your friends and family, getting free birthday treats from your favorite places, receiving gifts and eating as much cake as you want– what’s not to like about it? But your 21st birthday? Nothing compares! Your 21st birthday is considered to be a rite of passage– you finally get to indulge in being a true adult and legally can go to nightclubs, order drinks from the bars and even roll the dice in Las Vegas.


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I *finally* turn 21 in approximately eight days, and I am so excited to celebrate with my best friends at the coolest places and bars in New York City. But with my first night as a legal adult, I’m definitely going to need a birthday outfit. And if you’re like me and love to be the center of attention, an outfit that screams “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY” is an absolute must. But where to start?

Whether you choose to throw a big birthday bash, host a small yet elaborate dinner with your closest friends or map out an entire route of bars and dance clubs to finally check out, one thing is clear: there needs to be an outfit that rises to the occasion. So without further ado, here are five cute outfits for 21st birthday.

Alexa, Play “Bejeweled” By Taylor Swift

There is nothing that screams center of attention more than an outfit bedazzled in sequins and glitter. If you want to walk into the room and make everyone stop and stare at how good you look, you’ll definitely want to consider showing up in sequins and glitter!

This gorgeous mini dress from Lulus is the perfect white sequin dress that will have you looking like a walking disco ball in the best way possible. And if your style is more on the colorful and eccentric side, this pink multi-sequin two-piece set brings the ultimate glam to the table and dance floor. With 1970s fashion trends taking over mainstream fashion today, this mesh bell sleeve glitter top will have you achieving the iconic looks and styles of the 70s disco era.

Little Black Dress Just Walked Into The Room

A little black dress is a closet staple that everyone must have. It’s reliable, versatile and easy to dress up. And what better occasion to feel classy and timeless than your birthday? 

This midi black dress from Princess Polly has the most flattering sweetheart neckline I’ve ever seen on a dress and it’s giving major Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast At Tiffany’s vibes. If you’re looking for something classy yet with a bit of a fun edge, this faux feather trim dress has an incredibly flirty neckline with the feathers and hugs your curves to create a great silhouette. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting something simple and chic, and this bodycon dress from Amazon will do the trick without breaking the bank.

Fringe Galore!

One thing that I adore when it comes to finding unique clothing pieces is fringe. Fringe makes me feel like I am a 1920s flapper girl ready to do the Charleston dance– it’s fun, creates movement and is incredibly playful. And especially if you decide to go dancing for your 21st, adding fringe to your outfit will make the dance floor even more fun. 

Consider trying this sequin fringe bodycon dress that comes in three different colors– champagne, emerald green and classic silver. This dress certainly makes a statement and will get the party started. But if dresses aren’t necessarily your thing, this two-piece fringe set that comes in hot pink and neon geon will be the talk of the night and an instant show stopper. If you’re looking for an outfit to show off to everyone how fun you can truly be, going with fringe will be your best bet!

Want Sleek & Chic? Go With A Pantsuit

Whenever I see women wearing a pantsuit, I immediately think they are some of the most confident, strong and badass people to ever walk this earth. Seriously, there is something so powerful in wearing a pantsuit and if you want to look like the most person ever on your birthday, then consider wearing one.

This black glitter pantsuit from ASOS takes glam to a whole new level and shows everyone that you are here to party. And if glitter isn’t necessarily your vibe, a sleek and monochrome pantsuit can be an option too. This red pantsuit screams all eyes on me and this purple pantsuit is perfect for those who appreciate the vibrant things in life.

Pretty In Pink

For those who love looking hyperfeminine and/or consider pink to be their favorite color, these outfits are made for you! This pink satin dress is the perfect dress for a night out on the town or if you want to get an early brunch with the girls. And how fitting that the dress has a huge bow on the back of the dress! And if you’re looking to splurge a bit for your birthday, check out this extremely versatile pink two-piece set from Reformation. It’s simple yet stylish and makes a great outfit to accessorize.

Your 21st birthday should be nothing but special and full of joy, and cute outfits like these can easily make your birthday the talk of the town. With these outfit ideas, you can spend less time worrying about the perfect outfit to wear and more time celebrating this milestone with your family and friends. So what are you waiting for? Go dress to impress on your special day and finally pop open that champagne! 

What do you think about these cute outfits for 21st birthday? What would you wear for your 21st? Or if you are already 21, share what you wore on your special day in the comments below! 

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