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5 Soft Launch Relationship Ideas To Share Your Boo On Social Media

soft launch relationship ideas

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Picture this: you’ve been talking to someone you really like for quite some time now. They make you laugh till your stomach hurts, buy you flowers just cause and truly make life seem like you two stepped out of a fairytale. Yet the time has come to finally announce to the world that the two of you are dating– but how do you go about that?

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Posting an entire Instagram post dedicated to them can be risky and performative, but not posting about your partner could lead them to question if you feel embarrassed to be with them. Not only that, but full sending a post can leave others up to the interpretation that they deserve to know the ins and outs of your relationship, which is simply not the case. And God forbid that the two of you break up and now you’re left with the task of deleting an entire feed of pictures of them, which can be incredibly humiliating. So what do you do? It’s time we introduce the concept of “soft-launching” and give you some ideas on how to share your relationship on social media without comprising privacy!

What Is Soft Launching Anyway?

Soft launching has been a popular term tossed around social media for the past couple of years to describe showing a glimpse into a relationship without letting everyone see the full picture, but just enough to let everyone know that you are in fact with someone. It could be as simple as an Instagram story that features the two of you in it with your faces avoiding the camera, making a public playlist on Spotify dedicated to them or even just tagging them in a random candid photo as a part of your photo dump. When it comes to soft launching, it’s all about subtlety and the mystery behind your relationship. Plus, it’s fun to leave everyone guessing and questioning!

Soft launching is nothing new. Many couples choose to keep their relationship private but not necessarily secretive. For example, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have been together for six years and pride themselves on keeping their relationship out of the public eye. And even on TikTok, influencers like Victoria Paris have highlighted the importance of protecting a relationship through soft launches and small yet meaningful glimpses. So if you’re finally ready to take your offline relationship online, here are a few ideas to properly soft launch on the socials.

Dinner Date/Drink Moment

Whether you are a couple who loves to stay in and order Chinese food takeout, or a couple who doesn’t mind the fancy “wine and dine” experience, then a picture of a dinner date will be the perfect soft launch for you. Especially because the moment is incredibly romantic and it definitely shows that the person you are hanging out with is more than just a friend.

Cheeky Mirror Selfie

I consider this to be one of the easiest ways to soft launch and every couple, no matter how awkward you two may be in photos, can accomplish this. And besides, if you’re a couple who considers themselves to be stylish, a simple fit check with the two of you in front of the mirror will most definitely be the trick.

Holding Hands

A cute picture of the two of you holding hands is subtle, but speaks volumes! Not only is it cute, but it’s a perfect way to keep the mystery of their identity. Plus, if you are wanting to even emphasize the romance even more, consider adding both of your favorite songs on top of the Instagram story.

BeReal Moment

With the hype surrounding the app BeReal, this might be the perfect place to soft launch to your closest friends. BeReal is an app all about being real at the moment and if you’re hanging out with your person at the exact moment BeReal sends you the alert, it’s easily one of the easiest photo opportunities to launch your relationship on social media. Besides, when you soft launch your relationship on BeReal, you can even see all of your friends’ reactions to it!

It’s All About The Mystery

Another easy way to soft launch a relationship on social media is just completely hiding their face, whether that’s with flowers or focusing on the shadows of the two of you. Covering up their face and leaving just a tiny sliver of what they look like will not only have people extremely curious about who you are hanging out with while maintaining your private but not secret image.

How you show off your relationship to the world is completely up to you and your partner, and should never be up to the discretion of others– I mean, it’s your relationship, not theirs! With these few ideas on how to soft launch your relationship, you’ll be ready to share your relationship out into the digital world without dealing with the stress that can come from going full-on public.

How do you feel about the soft launch relationship trend? Do you have any ideas soft launch relationship ideas that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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