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What To Wear To Meow Wolf – The Awesome Interactive Art Exhibition

what to wear to meow wolf

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If you’re planning a trip this year – I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re hoping to check out one of the three incredible Meow Wolf locations. I’ve been planning a trip myself – scouring the Instagram pages and scrolling through ticket dates. And if I do plan to go to one, there is one question I can’t find an answer to online… what will I wear? So, if you’re like me and want to wear something that matches the fun and crazy vibe of the interactive exhibit but also want to be comfortable and functional, I have some outfit ideas for you to try.

First of all – What Is Meow Wolf?

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Started in 2008, Meow Wolf is an art collective created by Santa Fe artists. What originally began as an informal DIY collective has transformed into a worldwide sensation, drawing patrons all over the world to their interactive experiences. There are currently three experiences open in the U.S. including one in Santa Fe which opened in 2016, one in Las Vegas opened in 2021 and one in Denver (2021). Each experience is different, with interactive elements and art created by the Meow Wolf artists, which you can read all about here. Basically, Meow Wolf experiences are super interactive and awesome art exhibits full of movement, optical illusions, cool and fun. Now, obviously you’re convinced to go – but what you will wear?

Meow Wolf Style

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Meow Wolf actually took part in Denver Fashion Week in Nov. 2021 with a collection designed by Kate Major. The style was chaotic, filled with bright colors, patterns overlapping, and even – tentacles?! Alright, I’m not saying you should wear anything like these outfits out and about, even if you’re stopping by one of the exhibits, but we can draw in some casual inspiration from these out-there looks. We can draw in some bright colors, crazy patterns, some texture and some fun into a casual (and comfortable) outfit.

First of all, if you want to fit right into the exhibits, I would advise finding a statement piece. That could either be a top, pants or some loud accessories. As much as I love dresses and skirts – it is really important to note that these are very interactive experiences. There is crawling, a lot of movement and some of the exhibits even have slides. You won’t be allowed to slide or use some of these interactive elements if you’re not dressed appropriately, and what’s the point of going if you don’t get to experience it all?! So, because of this – I would strongly recommend wearing pants and clothes that you can move around in comfortably. We don’t want any form of wardrobe malfunction. Here are a few pieces that I think would really spice up your outfits!

Have fun with your outfit, but make sure you’re able to have as much fun as possible when you get there too! I would recommend tight clothes that are comfortable and stretchy so you can move around and really interact! Don’t wear anything that you’re not comfortable in because you really, really don’t want to take away from this experience. Most of all – have fun! Don’t worry about what you have to wear in order to fit in – dressing up is only a part of the experience and is just for fun! Most of all, just make sure you’re comfy and ready to have one of the coolest experiences ever!

Having a hard time figuring out what to wear to Meow Wolf? Did this article help? Let us know in the comments below!

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