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Best Winter Boots & How To Style Them – 5 Winter Boots Outfits

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We’re in the thick of everyone’s least favorite season: winter. Well, it’s probably your least favorite if you’re on the east coast like I am. Sure the holiday season is nice, but the below-freezing temps and icy roads are enough to make anyone miserable. But, I’d be lying if I said that winter fashion isn’t elite. The layering opportunities, thick sweaters and boots galore! But, we know it can be hard to come up with winter boots outfits, and we’re here to help! So, if you live in a cold, snowy place and you’re feeling sad about it, pick yourself up by the bootstraps (pun intended) ‘cause we made a list of some of the cutest winter boots out there and how to style them.

The Classic Chelsea Boots

Less is more with these simple and classic black booties. They go with everything, will keep your feet dry and are casual enough to be paired with just about anything. A cute winter outfit would be to wear these with a pair of black jeans, a turtleneck and a leather jacket for a sleek, fashion-forward monochrome fit that never disappoints. And, don’t worry if all-black isn’t your favorite look, these come in a variety of other colors, too!

Go Practical And Stylish With Duck Boots

Duck boots, like these Sperry boots that are on sale right now, are perfect if you live in a place that is full of wet snow. The hard shell on the boot will be sure to keep your feet warm and dry, and the color selection that Sperry has is great for styling a bunch of different outfits. Throw on these casual boots with a cute chunky sweater, your favorite blue jeans and a jacket to keep you nice and toasty from head to toe.

The Winter Hiking Boots You’ve Been Looking For

Who said hiking boots had to be boring? Check out this cute, inexpensive pair if you love going on winter hikes and are all about bringing style to the trails. They’re non-slip so they’ll get you through your snowy hike and even come in a variety of colors to choose from. If you’re going for a full winter hiker chic look, pairing these fleece-lined sweatpants with a sherpa hoodie on top would make a super cute outfit for your next adventure.

The Protective Boots Of Your Dreams

If multiple inches of snow is canceling all your plans and making you stay inside (east coasters rise up), having a pair of cute winter boots might help make you feel better. These super warm and completely waterproof boots are a great option if you live in a place that gets a lot of snow. Keep yourself even toastier with this hooded flannel jacket and your favorite pair of warm leggings. Cute, comfortable and cozy? What’s not to love?!

Winter Boots, But Make It Chic

If you’re the type to dress to the nines even in the midst of a winter storm, then you should check out this pair of white combat boots. Their bright white color gives them a unique and modern flair, and the boots are tall and thick enough to keep snow out. For these unique winter boots, a good choice would be to pair them with a matching white puffer jacket and black leather leggings. With this edgy winter outfit, you’ll be looking fashionable in white and telling everybody that the cold never bothered you anyway.

Did you like these winter boots outfits? Do you have any other ideas on what to wear with winter boots? Let us know in the comments below!

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