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Is Caffeine Making You Feel Anxious? Here’s How Mushroom Coffee Can Help

how to make mushroom coffee

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Gearing up for an all-nighter in college? Coffee’s got you covered. Need an extra boost mid-workday? There’s a latte waiting with your name on it. In-laws bumming you out? Reach for the vice that will keep you sane and alert. By providing a daily dose of caffeine, coffee is our true champion, so much so that we declare our love on T-shirts like screaming fans at live concerts or sporting events:

In a report published by the National Library of Medicine, caffeine is consumed more than any other drug worldwide, with over 80% of adults consuming it regularly. The majority of us depend on caffeine to get through the day and conquer our to-do lists, but maybe you’ve also noticed feeling jittery or irritable in the aftermath. Unfortunately, the dark side of caffeine is linked to increased anxiety and high blood pressure.

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Mushroom coffee is offering a less caffeinated, healthier alternative to traditional coffee. As the beverage raises eyebrows for some, influencers across the internet have begun to sing their praises. Offering an inside look into swapping a classic for the uncommon, they promote different brands and share how to make mushroom coffee with their followers. First and foremost, they claim that no, it doesn’t actually taste like mushrooms. During a quick internet search, you may be surprised by the number of hits for “mushroom coffee recipe.”

Mushroom Coffee 101


I used to drink 2-3 full caffeine lattes every day. Im not exaggerating mushroom coffee has forever changed my life. #morningroutine #morningvibes #mushroomcoffee #mushroomgirl #coffeeaddict

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Most mushroom coffee comes in instant powder form and is dissolved in warm water or milk. Four Sigmatic is a reputable, long-standing company with Finnish roots, and the founder’s grandparents relied on mushrooms to replace their morning coffee during WWll shortages. Thus, the inspiration to create a company like Four Sigmatic was born and today they provide curious consumers with budget-friendly options.

There are many health benefits associated with mushroom coffee, including decreased caffeine intake, increased mental clarity and focus, maintaining a positive mood, and feeling more energized without the midday crash. Many of the mushrooms used in coffee are medicinal and aren’t your average button or baby bella mushrooms that can be found at the local grocery store. 

Chaga mushrooms are the ones beloved by our Finnish friends and are packed with antioxidants to protect your immune system and strengthen your hair, nails, and skin. Cordyceps improves stamina by reducing fatigue (farewell midday caffeine crash!) Reishi has been highly regarded in eastern medicine for quite some time due to its ability to lower stress and protect liver health. Meanwhile, Lion’s Mane enhances memory, focus and concentration by stimulating neuron growth. Turkey Tail is known for its ability to protect gut health and improve digestion. As you’re reading through the long list of health benefits associated with mushroom coffee, you feel more inclined to try this offbeat drink.

How To Make Mushroom Coffee

A majority of popular brands sell mushroom coffee online in instant powder form. Companies like Four Sigmatic, Ryze Superfoods and Everday Doze have taken to TikTok to share their favorite recipes and show users how to make mushroom coffee. Lattes are made by dissolving the suggested serving of mushroom coffee in approximately 2 fluid ounces of hot water. Next, add any sweeteners or flavors and thoroughly mix. Last, add the steamed or heated milk of your choice! For iced lattes, it is recommended that you repeat steps one and two, and then pour the mixture over ice. Leave in the refrigerator until fully cooled, and then add your chilled milk of choice.

For hot chocolate, add the recommended serving of mushroom coffee and cocoa powder to your mug, and then directly add your heated milk of choice. Always top with whip cream for the best results! With any mushroom coffee recipe, the key is to fully dissolve the powder in hot water before adding the rest of your ingredients. 

Would you try mushroom coffee, or recommend any other alternatives to traditional coffee? Let us know in the comments below!

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