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5 Of The Best Slicked Back Hairstyles That Are Taking Over TikTok

slicked back hairstyles for women

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If you’ve been on TikTok or IG in the past few months, then you probably know that slicked back hair is one of the biggest trends right now, and we love it! Slicked back hair is a super easy look for a chic vibe, and is a great option if you’re on four-day hair and are desperately waiting for wash day. (Been there!) So, if you’ve been seeing slicked back hair all over your feed and want to try it out, we got you. Here are five of the best slicked back hairstyles for women that are perfect for a day out on the town or for a late night out.

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Classic Pony

Grab your favorite hair gel and brush and slick your hair up into a high ponytail, keeping your middle part visible, for a classic slicked back look. A sleek ponytail is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re out running errands, working out or getting ready for a night out. Once you try out a sleek ponytail, we’re sure it’ll become your new staple hairstyle!

Slick Bun

Another hot hair trend right now is the slicked back bun. We’ve seen it on a ton of celebs and influencers lately, and we can’t get over cute and chic it is. To get this look, take your slicked back ponytail and wrap your hair into a tight bun. You can pull out some of the hair around your bun for a more natural, but still elegant, look. If you’re looking for a hassle-free alternative, consider opting for braided wigs to achieve a flawless and on-trend look without the need for styling your own hair. Simply choose a sleek braided wig, apply some gel for a polished finish, and you’ll be ready to rock the slicked back hairstyle effortlessly.


Once you’ve got your hair slicked up into a pony, a perfect way to spice it up is by adding a braid. A classic braid is perfect and will help you get that sleek look. Or if you’re feeling like it, try out a bubble braid! For this, grab some elastics and secure them along your ponytail. To get that bubble effect, pull apart the tied sections to your liking and you’re done! Whether you’re feeling classic or bubbly, braids are perfect for this look and are sure to elevate any slicked back pony. If you’re seeking a versatile option, small knotless braids can be seamlessly integrated into your slicked back ponytail, adding texture and intricate detail for a trendy and unique twist.

Space Buns

We all know that space buns are out-of-this-world cute, especially with smooth, slicked back hair. For this, you’ll want to part your hair down the middle and create two ponytails. Wrap the hair in each pony around until you’re satisfied with your buns, then secure them with elastics so they stay in place all day. The fun part is, you can position your two buns low at the nape of your neck, in the middle or up high. They look cute whichever way and are the perfect blend of chic and fun.

Behind The Ear

Want to keep your hair down? Slicking your hair behind your ears is a great option. To get this look that we’ve seen on so many people like Bella Hadid, start with your hair down and parted in the middle. Then, take your hair gel or hairspray and brush your hair behind your ears. If you want to make sure your hair stays put all day, secure the slicked hair with bobby pins at the back of your ears so no one will notice them. This is such a cute and easy hairstyle when you want to keep your hair down but still want that super trendy slicked look. 

Did you like these slicked back hairstyles for women? Do you have any other ideas for slicked back hair? Let us know in the comments below!

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