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Good Riddance Tour Outfit Inspo: What to Wear to Gracie Abrams Concert

what to wear to a gracie abrams concert

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Gracie Abrams just released her debut album Good Riddance on February 24 and, if you’re a certified indie-music-lover like me, you probably haven’t stopped listening since. The album is produced so well and is true to the Gracie Abrams sad-girl aesthetic that her fans know and love. With upbeat tracks to slow melodic ones, Good Riddance is for sure a no-skip album and is there for you whether you need to sing, dance, cry or all of the above.

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It’s no shocker that the indie singer is making big strides this year, not only with an amazing album release but also with being named one of Taylor Swift’s opening acts for The Eras Tour. But that’s not all. Gracie Abrams has kicked off a tour of her own across the country, which is set to wrap up at the end of this month. If you’ve been listening to the “I miss you, I’m sorry” singer since her EP release, you know just how proud all of her fans are right now.

Tickets for the Good Riddance tour have already sold out, but if you were lucky to snag one you’re probably in need of the perfect concert outfit that’ll have you looking your very best. We won’t make it too difficult for you: here is what to wear to a Gracie Abrams concert.

Long Skirts

If you want to look trendy but also super casual and comfortable, skirts are the way to go. They have a cute vintage vibe, are so easy to style, and even Gracie Abrams herself has been seen wearing them while performing, so you really can’t go wrong. This dark skirt would be a great choice, especially paired with this simple white tank top for contrast. The skirt’s deep hues match the themes of Good Riddance, while the floral pattern and lace detailing on the tank make for a soft, feminine and dainty look. Finish it off with a pair of chunky oxfords for a totally on-trend outfit. Flowy long skirts are the perfect choice to go along with the chill, cozy and mellow vibes of a Gracie Abrams concert.

Oversized Jacket

An oversized jacket is a staple wardrobe piece and makes the perfect companion to any concert outfit! Take your favorite jacket, like this black leather one or this casual bomber option, and layer it over something simple, like this asymmetrical, one-shoulder top so that the jacket is doing all the talking. Consider going for a plaid skirt on the bottom to add a pattern to the mix. It might look simple, but an oversized jacket, top and skirt will keep you both cute and cozy all night, and is especially good if you’re seeing Gracie on the chilly east coast.

Henley Top

It’s giving the year 2000s, Rory Gilmore and Bella Swan in the best way possible. It’s true, henley tops are back and make for such soft and cute outfits. These casual long-sleeves are perfect for a lowkey Gracie Abrams concert, and the singer herself is seen wearing them all the time. A cute look would be to take a henley top of your choosing and layer it over a white lace tank. To keep the casual Y2K theme alive, try pairing the shirt with these low-rise jeans and black Chuck Taylor’s. This look is super cute, easy to achieve, and is definitely something that the titular girl in “Amelie” would have worn.

Denim on Denim

It might seem out of the blue, but we’re absolutely loving the new denim on denim trend. It’s simple to put together, has the perfect throwback vibe, and is casual enough to wear for the Good Riddance tour. An oversized denim look would be a great concert outfit and is perfectly on-trend. For this, take a big denim jacket and pair it with these casual baggy jeans, making sure to match the shades of denim to get the look that we’re all obsessing over, even the singer-songwriter herself.

Did you like this article on what to wear to a Gracie Abrams concert? Do you have any more ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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