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Dark Fashion, Candles, and Gloom, Oh My! How to Release Your Inner Hot Goth

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Goth is making a modern comeback. As The Guardian reported back in early 2022, a resurgence started with celebrities making striking and dark fashion choices. According to one of their sources, “it’s not surprising that people are looking for ways to express darker emotions aesthetically when we’ve been overwhelmed with news of death, mortality, and illness” thanks to the pandemic. More recently, people around the world fell in love with Netflix’s successful Addam’s family reboot Wednesday, and the goth aesthetic dominated runways for fashion week. It’s clear that this trend isn’t going anywhere for the time being, so here’s how to create your own goth aesthetic outfit and be ready for Black Swan Fall in 2023.

Understanding the Goth Movement

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The term Goth was first used to describe a group of ancient people, also known as barbarians, from primitive times in Europe. Their art and architecture had a distinct style that is still influential today. An article by Louder explains that the term Goth became more known when the UK music press used it to describe music in the early 80s. This movement included lots of black leather, fishnets, and spiky hair, but over the years added more romantic elements from Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Goth stereotypes include individuals wearing macabre makeup and alarming outfits with evil intentions. While some may choose to dress like this, at the heart of the movement, goths are normal people who find beauty in the mysterious and enjoy the dark. By expressing themselves in different ways than the mainstream, they become isolated or misunderstood. Now that you have some background information on this topic, it’s time to open up your dark side and release your inner hot goth!

How to Create a Goth Aesthetic Outfit

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Step 1: Purchase a harness, corset, or both! These pieces help accentuate your curves and the overall shape of your body. Plus, they add an edgy and unique aspect to your wardrobe, turning any outfit from average to eye-catching.

Step 2: Add black or leather trousers. We love that baggy trousers are in style, offering comfort and a chic look. They also perfectly offset a tight top and your new harness or corset!

Step 3: Don’t forget the accessories! If you opted for a low-cut top, pair it with a bra or body chain, These fun pieces of jewelry are perfect for a night out. Other staples include chunky black boots, sheer tights, and silver chains.

Step 4: Finish with a bulky or oversized coat- weather depending of course! This will pull the entire look together and add to the mysterious, dark vibe we are trying to achieve.

Cute Gothic Decor For Your Home

This look isn’t only reserved for a goth aesthetic outfit. There are plenty of ways to incorporate this edgy and tastefully dark style into home decor or interior design. Here are some ideas to revamp existing parts of your home, adding some unique character. Of course, nothing is more goth than the color black, and many people are learning how to implement this color into their living spaces. We recommend starting with small accents to see if you like it first- whether it’s light fixtures, trim, the ceiling, or just the furniture. You can always add more!

Maybe you’re looking for decor that’s more cost-effective. If that’s the case, try a faux stained glass DIY project. These are typically cheap, easy to order online, and can make a noticeable difference to your space by giving more gothic church vibes.

If you’re looking to take it to the next level, try incorporating some antique oddities. Whether that’s skulls, taxidermy, paintings, or misshaped candle holders. All of these are examples of quirky objects to add to your home that heighten the goth aesthetic but also create a one-of-a-kind space and ambiance! And listen, if you’re not into the taxidermy don’t sweat it (a lot of us aren’t) but try using something like this fake gold antelope head instead.

Antiques are fun because they’re not mass-produced, and because they’re so unique they can add so much charm to your home. Remember to choose pieces that are dark and mysterious.

What are your thoughts on the goth aesthetic? Excited to start trying out these outfit or home decor ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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