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Is It Really As Bad As They Say? My Honest Planet Fitness Review

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I’ve been a member of my local Planet Fitness gym for a little over a year now, and I’ve heard pretty much everything that people have to say about it. Known for its low cost that attracts a lot of beginners, PF has a pretty bad rap in the gym community. Some say the equipment is limited and too cardio-focused, while other people just don’t think it’s a “real” gym for “serious lifters.”

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Going to a public gym can be a scary thing if you’re not used to it. Deciding which one to go to can be even worse. Whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey or are in the market for a new gym, you’ll want to know all your options. So, I’m here to review Planet Fitness honestly and offer my experiences to help you decide if Planet Fitness is the gym for you.

What To Know

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Planet Fitness offers two memberships, the classic and the black card. The classic is 10 dollars a month while the black card, aka the premium version, is 24.99. With the classic membership, which is the one I’ve always had, you get access to the gym (obvi), free fitness training and some rewards and discounts that they offer every now and then. The black card gets you all of that plus the ability to bring a guest with you who isn’t a PF member, use of tanning, access to massage chairs and a few more perks.

The Planet Fitness app is also a great resource. You use it to scan yourself into the gym, but with it, you can also track your fitness progress, find guided exercise videos and even check how many people are in your gym at any given time. That’s called the crowd meter and has seriously saved me from anxiety on multiple occasions.


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One of the biggest things that Planet Fitness gets hate for is their supposed lack of equipment. A lot of people say that they have too many machines for cardio and not enough of anything else. While it’s true that most PFs are stacked with treadmills, ellipticals and bikes, it’s not difficult to find the machines you need for whichever muscle group you’re working out that day.

There are smith machines that you can use for squats, benching and more, and there’s a pretty good-sized section of dumbbells and benches that you can use on any day of your workout split.


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There is a good mix of people who go to Planet Fitness. You’ll see people of all ages who are at different fitness levels, which makes for a more comfortable and welcoming experience. Planet Fitness is big on no judgment, and the people there are more focused on themselves than anyone else. The people I’ve met at PF, including the employees and actual members, have been super friendly and encouraging. At the end of the day, everyone is just there to do one thing: work out!

Overall, It’s Worth It

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All things considered, Planet Fitness is a good gym for the price. It has pretty much everything you need to get a good workout in, and you can always upgrade your membership to the reasonably-priced black card if you want more perks. If you’re looking for a solid gym with enough equipment to get your fitness on, I’d definitely give Planet Fitness a shot!

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