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Calling All Taco Bell and Starbucks Fans: Your Favorite Drinks Have Boozy Options

taco bell cantina near me

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Many of us grew up with fond memories of fast food chains, whether it was the cheeseburger meal for a special occasion or the soft-serve ice cream as a reward for how you played in the little league game. As teenagers, we bonded over coffee runs, and late-night loitering in the lobby or drive-thru as activities of choice if you were cool enough. Now as adults, most of our favorite chains are still alive and well, providing us with a certain level of nostalgia while simultaneously changing with the times and advancing into the future. 

Namely, the biggest change to date has been offering alcoholic beverages created using some of the most popular menu items. An alcoholic Baja Blast? A Starbucks espresso martini? The future of fast food is more exciting now than ever. I’m keeping these establishments on my radar to be aware of the closest Starbucks Reserve and Taco Bell Cantina near me – and so should you.

Starbucks Reserve: The Ultimate Coffee Experience

Starbucks Reserve is an elevated coffee experience that offers unique menu items which far surpass the normal fare found at your local Starbucks. There are only six prestige locations in major cities worldwide: Seattle, Chicago, New York, Shanghai, Milano, and Tokyo. The famous corporation really set out to impress guests with a selection of rare coffees, an impressive array of pastries, pizza, pasta, and one-of-a-kind beverages including cocktails.

At the Chicago location (otherwise known as the largest Starbucks in the world) a must-try is the espresso martini flight which includes three different flavors of the popular drink: orange cacao, mole spice, and cherry limone. Other unique options include a whiskey barrel-aged cold brew flight, a matcha martini, and a variety of coffee-infused cocktails that are Starbucks’ take on the classics. This is an experience like no other, so if you’re in the area it’s definitely worth checking out!

Taco Bell Cantina Continues to Gain Traction

The Taco Bell Cantina needs to be on your to-do list this summer. In comparison to Starbucks Reserve, Taco Bell Cantinas are more accessible in the U.S. with a number of locations that continue to expand each year. Hopefully, that means that there’s one close to where you live, or the likelihood of coming across one during your travels is high. While most cantinas offer the same menu items, there are two locations that are extra noteworthy and stand out from the rest; Las Vegas and Pacifico, CA.

The Pacifico location proudly identifies as the only Taco Bell on a beach. The views are stunning and draw in plenty of visitors each year. Fittingly, the merch offered at this store includes a Taco Bell bikini and we’re here for it. Meanwhile, Las Vegas is home to the flagship store and has a high-traffic location on the strip. In true Vegas fashion, this cantina also offers a VIP lounge and DJ booth.

The two-story cantina located in the heart of Las Vegas offers great views of the strip and is the perfect end to a crazy party-filled night. Satisfy the drunk munchies with your favorite Taco Bell menu items, or keep the buzz going with a twisted freeze. The fully customizable adult slushie bar is what draws in most visitors, allowing you to choose your favorite Taco Bell soda flavor (like Baja Blast) and add in your liquor of choice. 

Upstairs is where you’ll find the party room, the DJ, and the wedding chapel. That’s right- Taco Bell offers a wedding package for couples to get married with 25 of their closest friends and family members, complete with a Taco Bell sauce packet bouquet, a taco party pack, and other one-of-a-kind wedding swag. 

Whether you’re a Taco Bell or Starbucks fan, you can’t deny that fast-food chains are working to find innovative and creative ways to interact with consumers. We’re excited to see what fun concepts are developed in the future but in the meantime, we recommend searching “taco bell cantina near me” to make your next trip (or wedding!) unforgettable.

Have you visited a Taco Bell Cantina or Starbucks Reserve? Would you get married at the Taco Bell Cantina Flagship location in Las Vegas? Let us know in the comments below!

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