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Welcome To Coachtopia: Everything You Need To Know About Coach’s Viral Collection

coachtopia purse

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If you’re a fan of designer purses, you’re in luck! Last week luxury fashion house Coach released its new Coachtopia purse collection and it is extremely Zillennial-coded from the designs to the color palette. Not only is this collection adorable, but it is also sustainable. It is all the talk on social media, especially TikTok where users and influencers are starting to post unboxing videos of their bags. The only downside to this launch is that it has sold out twice within the last week. If you are wanting to learn more about the Coachtopia purses before purchasing one during a restock, keep reading because we have all the details on this collection!

Coachtopia’s Sustainability Efforts

The launch of Coachtopia marks a major sustainability effort for Coach. Each of the purses, wallets, chain straps, keychains and clothing that’s part of the collection has been sustainably made. The purses, which come in the Ergo Shoulder Bag, Wavy Dinky, Crossbody Belt Bag and Mini Crossbody, have all been made out of upcycled leather scraps left over from the making of other bags or its Coachtopia Leather, which is a new material made out of 50% recycled leather scraps. By using upcycled leather scraps Coach is reducing the creation of new materials, thus minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. On the other hand, Coachtopia Leather allows for “carbon reduction of at least 60% compared to new, virgin leather.”

 Coachtopia has also developed a set of Made Circular principles, which were designed to “help us advance more quickly towards a circular ecosystem in which we’re working to eliminate both new material creation and waste by creating products from what already exists and designing them to be reused and remade over multiple lives,” its website states. The principles involve three aspects of Coachtopia’s production: Materials, design and pathways. When it comes to the materials that a Coachtopia purse is made out of, its website states that they use upcrafted materials or recycled leather scraps, resin made from 70% recycled plastic, cotton developed from over 95% recycled materials and 100% recycled polyester. 

Additionally, each purse has been designed with easy repair, the ability for them to be remade into other products and recyclability in mind. Lastly, if you purchase a Coachtopia purse you have access to its circular services. These services include complimentary leather care and cleaning for life in retail stores, repair through its Coach (Re)Loved and Repair Workshop if your purse becomes damaged and you can trade in your purse at retail stores for store credit based on the condition of the bag and its original price. You can add your Coachtopia purse to your profile on its website via your purse’s unique NFC chip. Once added you can view specifics about your product’s Made Circular principles and access circular services for your product.


Community at Coachtopia

In addition to sustainability, Coachtopia also prides itself on its developing community. According to the community section on its website, Coachtopia has been inspired by “a global and growing network of diverse and inspiring Generation Z individuals who are feeding their opinions and ideas into Coachtopia products, messages and concepts as we develop them.” Through this community, the brand is working to create “positive change” and “build a better future for fashion.” The brand plans on collaborating with artists and illustrators for limited edition collection pieces, as seen in its first drop with illustrator and designer Sabrina Lau. Additionally, Coachtopia has partnered with upcyclers and has challenged them to reimagine scraps and products that will launch throughout the year alongside product drops. Coachtopia also invests in aspiring designers through its CFDA x Coach Dream It Real Circular Design Scholarship.

Our 3 favorite Coachtopia purses

Wavy Dinky in Coachtopia Leather

Coachtopia purse


The Coachtopia Wavy Dinky design is a reimagining of the iconic 1973 silhouette, making it one of the standouts in this collection. Not only does the shape of this bag add to its uniqueness, but its nine different color and pattern combinations bring an added hint of flair to spice up any outfit.

Crossbody Belt Bag in Coachtopia Leather with Upcrafted Scrap Binding



You can’t go wrong with a crossbody bag and Coachtopia’s comes in five different colors ranging from neutrals to bold. This is the perfect bag if you are looking to add a luxury piece to your collection, but don’t necessarily want a purse.

Ergo Shoulder Bag in Flower Watcher Applique Upcrafted Leather



Lastly is the gorgeous Ergo Shoulder Bag in Flower Applique. This bag is one of the most visually stunning pieces in the collection. It is one of those bags that is sure to make people stop and stare because of its unique artistry.

GIF by Coach - Find & Share on GIPHY

Overall, Coachtopia is setting an example for sustainable efforts in the fashion industry with its collection of purses, accessories and clothing. These purses are not only cute and trendy, but they’re sure to last for years. If you’re planning on purchasing one, keep an eye out for restock information on Coachtopia’s social media channels. 

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