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In Need Of Another Cute And Functional Bottle? The Owala FreeSip Might Be For You!

Owala water bottle review

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With every new month that rolls around, it seems like another water bottle goes viral. First, it was the Hydroflasks, then it was the Stanley Cup tumblers and their Simply Modern dupes. Now, Owala FreeSip water bottles are taking over! Have you heard of them? They’ve been around since 2020 but have only recently been coveted as a popular, trendy item, and people all over Instagram and TikTok are giving in. If you haven’t heard of this well-loved brand and want to know more, here is a complete Owala water bottle review so you can decide if it’s worthy of adding to your collection.

About Owala

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This might be the first time you’re hearing about Owala since they’re a relatively new brand. They launched just three years ago by the BlenderBottle brand, and since then Owala has been sold in thousands of retail stores everywhere. The brand’s messaging is simple and effective; they want to make it easier for people to drink water. Targeting people who love to drink water, “do more of what you love” is their main motto. Owala’s marketing is super easy to vibe with, but that’s not all they have to offer. They have several products, including bottles for kids, their so-called Flip bottles, trendy tumbler cups (which are due to be released in the summer) and their signature FreeSip bottles which have so many people hooked on the brand.

The bottle


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The FreeSip bottle has totally taken over the internet and is in close competition with other trending water bottles like the Stanley cups that have everyone obsessed. So, what’s unique about the Freesip? Well, the design allows you to drink from the bottle in two ways. You can either sip through its built-in straw or drink from its wide opening. To use it, push down on the button to pop open the top. There’s also a lock feature to prevent spills. The top of the bottle has a carry loop that flips up when you need it and down when you don’t. According to the Owala website, you can guarantee that the Freesip bottle will keep your water cold for 24 hours, as it’s triple-insulated. The reason these bottles are so well-loved is probably due to their color options. On the website, there are 12 funky color options, ranging from pastels to bright neons, as well as five sizes to choose from with the 40-ounce being their biggest. Another thing Owala is best known for is advertising its products as leakproof. And, according to stellar reviews on Amazon, they really are!

The cost

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It’s hard to keep up with all the trending water bottles out there, especially because the prices are not always pretty. On the Owala website, the FreeSip begins at $21.99 for the 19-ounce, $27.99 for the 24-ounce, $32.99 for the 32 and $37.99 for the 40. These do run a little cheaper when compared to other coveted bottles, like the Stanley cups that go for $45 for the 40-ounce size and Hydroflasks that go for $49.95 for the 32-ounce bottle. Keep in mind, the price of an Owala fluctuates a bit depending on where you find them.

Where to get them

Are you sold on the Owala bottle? If you are, you’ll want to know where to snag one. Owala Freesips are pretty much everywhere right now! Apart from their website, you can find them online and in-stores at Target, Dicks Sporting Goods and Walmart. They’re also available on Amazon with certain colors being on sale right now. If you’re not willing to pay the retail price, you’re in luck. Many people all over TikTok have been finding Owalas at their local Marshalls or T. J. Maxx at a discounted price. I came across their “Hint of Grape” color at T. J. Maxx for only $16.99! So, if the Owala Freesip is giving everything you need it to, jump on the bandwagon fast. There’s only a matter of time before these sell out everywhere!

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