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Missing The Eras Tour? A Candlelight Concert Taylor Swift Review

Are you looking for a good date night or summer outing with your swiftie pals? The Candlelight Open Air: A Tribute to Taylor Swift event by Fever is the place to be. This candlelight concert was perfect for someone who was already missing the Eras Tour. It had all of the best elements rolled into one event. I felt classy going to a string quartet concert but I also felt like a major fangirl listening to my fave T Swift hits turned classical. Here’s everything you need to know and my candlelight concert Taylor Swift review.


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There were candles (albeit electric ones) ALL over the stage. It was so beautiful, even with all of the lights on. As soon as I sat in my seat, I was mesmerized by the stage and how many candles there were all over the ground, and elevated on shelves throughout. Once the lights were dimmed and the show began – it was even more beautiful. There is something so elegant and romantic about a candlelight show which makes this a perfect date night, but it’s also perfect for any single swiftie or families because of the light-hearted and recognizable Taylor Swift theme.


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While most of the songs were radio hits, it was SO cool to hear them being played by the string quartet. Unlike the Eras Tour, hearing these iconic hits over lesser-known tracks made the show so cool. I think playing deep cuts may have been a disservice to the show because it wouldn’t have been so transformative. It is so unique to hear songs you are obsessed with and have heard a million times over the years turned into a classical masterpiece in front of your eyes. The quartet was extremely talented and it was so cool to see how they played such pop-heavy songs on their instruments. They did the Bridgerton version of Wildest Dreams which was life-changing to see live. Each of the performers also took some time to each introduce different songs, tell stories, make jokes and give history about them, which was awesome. You could tell that the performers were having fun and enjoying themselves, which made the show even more enjoyable. As much as you might love traditional classical music, it is super unique to hear classic covers of popular hits. You feel so connected to the music!

Would I Recommend It?

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This event is one of the most unique and relaxing experiences I have been to in so long. It was also so cool that it was at the Phoenix Zoo, which further upped the overall ambiance and vibe. I would recommend this event (along with really ANY Fever event) to anyone! If you love Taylor Swift, this candlelight concert is for you. But don’t worry – they offer so many other themes of candlelight concerts, too! So if you’re not a huge swiftie, you can still enjoy the show. However, as a major Swiftie, I guarantee that just about anyone would enjoy this show. It was so unique and so beautiful! Definitely a bucketlist item that I got to check off. Fever is always coming out with new events, so make sure to take a look at your local lineup to see what is happening in your area.

What do you think about this candlelight concert Taylor Swift review? Have you been to a similar event? Let us know in the comment section below!

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