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With Season Two Almost Here – Who Should Belly End Up With In The Summer I Turned Pretty?

jeremiah from the summer i turned pretty

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Season two is almost here. Are you counting the days until July 14th like we are? If you haven’t already watched the first season of The Summer I Turned Pretty on Amazon Prime, it’s time to do it. This TV show has perfect summer vibes, an amazing soundtrack, juicy drama and an enticing love triangle. What more could you ask for in a summer binge? But if you haven’t watched it yet, I wouldn’t recommend you read the rest of this article, because there are major spoilers ahead. Today, I’m going to be talking about why #TeamJeremiah is better than #TeamConrad (and YES, I read the books, and I still stand firm on this belief). While I don’t know what Jeremiah from The Summer I Turned Pretty season two, I have high hopes.

They Have A Friendship

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If you haven’t noticed by watching the show, Jeremiah is the only one who is ever nice to Belly. Steven gets a free pass because he’s her brother and it’s his god-given right to be mean to her, but Conrad is so mean to her, for no reason. This continues throughout the entire book series. But focusing on season one of the show, let’s take a look at all of the times Conrad was a jerk… Actually, I think it would take way less time pointing out the VERY few times he was nice to her. And even then, they were sprinkled with insults and a petty attitude. And hey, I get it. He knew about his mom, and was having a really hard time… but even so, why take it out on Belly? When he tells her about the infinity necklace, he says he was EMBARRASSED to give it to her. That is not a compliment, not in my book. He’s rarely nice to her and they really don’t have any romantic moments the entire season. 

On the other hand, Jeremiah is a great friend to Belly throughout the entire show. Even though he loves her, and wants to be more than friends, he wants her to be happy more. He is nice to Cam-Cameron, he is kind to Belly, he brightens her day whenever she sees him. He expresses his feelings to her in a straightforward and not complicated way. He doesn’t rush her and really means it when he says he doesn’t want her to feel pushed. He listens to her when she needs to rant about her friendship with Taylor. He takes her out driving. He celebrates her on her birthday. What more could you ask for?

Conrad Is Wishy-Washy

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One second he wants her, the next he doesn’t. He almost kisses her, and then he says he was too wasted to remember it happening. He has a girlfriend (or at least is seeing someone) for a good chunk of the show and seems happy enough with her. He ignores Belly, pretends to forget her birthday and is a jerk to her over and over. The only time he ever wants Belly is when she is someone else. When Belly is on a date with Cam, he wants to ruin it. When she is with Jeremiah, he wants her again. When she’s alone, he doesn’t show any interest. To me, it seems like Belly is a fun game for him. 

He’s More Than A Crush

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Just like Laurel said, “For Belly, Conrad is the sun, and when the sun comes out, the stars disappear.” Belly has had a crush on Conrad since they were really little and it causes her to act recklessly. She throws everything aside, including Jeremiah, the second he gives her a chance. Even when the other girls stole her and Taylor’s clothes and they had to walk home naked, she was too busy worrying about Conrad’s (semi) sweet text. When he’s around, she is all consumed and can’t think of anything else. Crushes like this are not healthy, and I can’t see how they could transform into a happy relationship. Belly would do anything for Conrad, but would he do anything for her? On the contrary, Jeremiah would do anything for Belly and instead of blinding her from the world, he helps her enjoy it and become a better person.

What do you think Conrad and Jeremiah from The Summer I Turned Pretty will be like this season? Let us know in the comments below which guy you think is a better fit for Belly!

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