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Recreate These 5 Mamma Mia Outfits For A Summer of 70s Beachy Flare

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Mamma Mia! Here we go again! Every summer like clockwork I get obsessed with Mamma Mia and more specifically, the fashion behind it. Not only is 70s fashion one of my favorite styles, but the addition of the coastal vibes makes it supreme. 70s colors, silhouettes and themes mixed with beachy flowy boho vibes? This is everything I’d like my closet to look like. So let’s recreate some of the most iconic Mamma Mia outfits out there!

Donna’s Orange Skirt

Ever since I watched Mamma Mia 2, I was obsessed with finding the perfect long orange skirt to recreate this outfit. Not only is this skirt long but it is also tiered, which gives off such a beachy effortless vibe. Paired with a little black tee shirt tied at the waist, this outfit is so easy to recreate. I’ve been wearing similar outfits ever since – think of all the tiny tee and long skirt opportunities out there. This outfit is the blueprint for my summer wardrobe every single year.

Sophie’s Coastal Granddaughter Looks

Truthfully, I love young Donna’s outfits way more than I like Sophie’s but I do love how Sophie was the mastermind behind the coastal grandmother/coastal granddaughter trend that is currently all the rage. A lot of her outfits are blue, oceanic, flowy and play off of light neutrals. If you’re trying to get that style down, Sophie has all of the tips and tricks for you. Go for flowy dresses, soft colors and maybe even some wicker and rattan touches.

Yellow Wide Leg Pants

While these aren’t exactly like Donna’s, they definitely pull together all of the Mamma Mia themes. They are wide-legged, tiered (like the orange skirt) and look perfectly 70s disco. I’m actually adding these to my Amazon cart as we speak, so don’t mind me. Big pants have become my everything because I’ve come to realize that they are perfectly in between tight pants and skirts. They cover you up but feel loose and nice. I’m obsessed.

Long Overalls

2023 is the year of overalls. Whether you’re a granola girl, going for a 70s vibe or you just like working in the garden, overalls are becoming one of the biggest pieces of fashion of the year. Donna has the cutest overall outfits ever – she wears these really cool floral shirts under them and just walks around barefoot. It’s awesome. Whether you like long overalls or you prefer overall shorts, they can be dressed up or down to create the cutest outfits ever.

Tiered Bell Bottoms

Last but not least, there is no way I could even write this list without calling back to this awesome outfit and scene. The tiered look is awesome, but practically any bell-bottom jeans can be an outfit’s center. I believe everyone needs a pair in their closet. Thank you, Donna and the Dynamos for this absolute iconic look that will live on in infamy.

What Mamma Mia outfits do you want to recreate? Let us know in the comments below and we can write a follow up article!

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