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Olivia Rodrigo’s “Vampire” Has Fans Hoping For More Unreleased Songs

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It’s been over two years since the release of Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album ‘Sour,’ which earned the 20 year old an astounding amount of recognition, ranging from three Grammy awards to Time Magazine’s 2021 Entertainer of the Year. Since then, the singer/songwriter has practically become a household name. Admit it, even if you’re not the biggest fan, there’s no way you haven’t heard at least one of Rodrigo’s singles (“Driver’s License,” “Deja Vu,” “Good 4 U,” “Traitor” and “Brutal”) by now! ‘Sour’ was such a huge success that it’s almost too difficult to remember Rodrigo before its release. However, with the recent announcement of Rodrigo’s upcoming single “Vampire,” fans are diving back into her music – both released and unreleased – with high expectations. Many are hopeful that some of Rodrigo’s older, unreleased demos will join “Vampire” on the lineup for her second album. If you weren’t aware of the unreleased Olivia Rodrigo songs (or upcoming single), don’t stress. We’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know.

Before ‘Sour’

While it can definitely be hard to imagine Olivia Rodrigo before her rapid rise to stardom, some fans argue that the pre- ‘Sour’ era is when Rodrigo wrote some of her best songs. In 2019, Rodrigo performed “All I Want” in season one episode four of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. The song is written by Rodrigo’s character in the show and is a beautiful, heartbreaking ballad about feeling entirely alone after the end of a relationship. Not only did her starring role in the show display Rodrigo’s acting range, but it was one of the first outlets through which she showcased her songwriting talent. “All I Want” has since become the show’s most popular song and is widely recognized as Rodrigo’s first major hit.

Unreleased Singles


hi! my first tik tok! my name is olivia and I write songs a lot! hope u like dis one!

♬ original sound – Olivia Rodrigo

In August of 2020, Rodrigo posted her first TikTok video, introducing herself and playing a song entitled “L-O-V-E.” The video blew up, gathering millions of views in addition to a vast number of comments asking for an album. Rodrigo continued to build her TikTok platform throughout 2020, posting a snippet of “Creature of Habit” a month after her first video. Since then, fans have accumulated a list online of over 20 songs written by Rodrigo that were either TikTok snippets or just outtakes from ‘Sour.’ The dedication is real with Olivia Rodrigo fans, as they’ve made everything from lyric videos to Youtube compilations in an effort to make the most out of what they have.


If you’re a hardcore Olivia Rodrigo fan, you’re probably aware of the singer’s love for the iconic Twilight franchise. Rodrigo has shared many memes and posts pertaining to the franchise on her social media and even showcased a bag she had with main characters Bella and Edward on it. In addition to this, Rodrigo penned a song entitled “Twilight,” which unfortunately falls under the category of unreleased track. The fans, however, are determined not to give up hope. Because of the connection between the titles “Twilight” and “Vampire,” many are starting to hope that “Twilight” along with more unreleased songs will finally be released. Adding to the excitement is Twilight star Taylor Lautner himself, who commented “K WHO TF BIT YOU” on the announcement post for the upcoming single. Conan Gray kept the Twilight references going as well, commenting “I know what you are…” Right when we thought the comment section couldn’t get any more iconic, the official Instagram of Twilight commented “been waiting for this day!!!!! dreams really do come true.”

Easter Eggs and Fan Theories


i have a degree from Olivia Rodrigo university 💟❤️😁 @Olivia Rodrigo @livies hq ❤️ #vampireOR2 #sour #oliviarodrigo

♬ original sound – bridget

Just like with the Twilight franchise, Olivia Rodrigo has not been shy about expressing her love for Taylor Swift in the past. Swift is well known not only for her breakup anthems and versatile range, but for the “Easter eggs” she leaves for fans to pick up on when working on a new project. Of course, Swift is far from the only artist to leave their fanbase hints of what’s to come, but she’s definitely gotten great at it! For the upcoming release of her second album, it seems as though Olivia Rodrigo is dropping hints of her own. On May 27, the singer posted a mirror pic in which she casually sat in a chair. Her fans, however, were quick to notice the calendar on the wall behind her, which featured a heart drawn around the date June 30 (which we now know to be the release date of “Vampire”).

Do you have any favorite unreleased Olivia Rodrigo songs? What Easter eggs have you found? Let us know in the comments below!

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