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Want To Channel The Salted Granola Aesthetic This Summer? Here’s What You Need To Know!

salted granola aesthetic

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If you’ve been on TikTok at any point over the last two years you might have heard about the granola aesthetic. In case you haven’t heard about it yet, the whole premise of the granola aesthetic is that it is made up of individuals who are environmentally friendly, but not on a hippie level. Now the salted granola aesthetic has entered the chat and it has gone viral on TikTok. One way to think of it is that it’s the cool granddaughter of the coastal grandma vibe, but still mixed with the other tried and true granola aesthetics. If you want to channel the salted granola aesthetic this summer, we have everything you need to know about the trend!

What is the salted granola aesthetic?

If you’re wondering what the salted granola aesthetic is exactly, it was coined in March by TikTok user SaltedGranola. In a post they explain it as being the following: “If you’re a feral beach babe who spends their time getting knocked out by waves, car camping, sunset chasing, and going on adventures, I introduce you salted granola.” The entire salted granola aesthetic tag on TikTok showcases various creators living their best lives at the beach or outdoors. However, some posts are dedicated to showing off the best outfits to fit this aesthetic or Pinterest posts that give off the same vibes.

How to bring out your inner salted granola lifestyle


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A trend I’ve seen with the salted granola aesthetic is that those who emulate this lifestyle always have a swimsuit on under a pair of baggy jeans and a hoodie or shorts and a tank top. They are also wearing Birkenstocks, and have anklets, layered necklaces and a tote bag in hand. They live at the beach but dress similarly to the other granola aesthetics that focus a lot on sustainably made or thrifted items instead of fast fashion. Here are three outfit ideas to help you channel the salted granola aesthetic!

Baggy, yet comfortable

Being comfortable and laid back is a big part of the salted granola aesthetic. It’s all about the good vibes and being unbothered. One of the most popular outfits I’ve seen popping up on social media in the salted granola community is baggy hoodies and t-shirts. Not only is this outfit idea comfortable, but it acts like a cover-up for your swimsuit during those brisk mornings at the beach. Try pairing a baggy shirt or hoodie with a pair of denim or nylon shorts for a cute and comfortable outfit.

Flowy pants or denim shorts

Another staple of the salted granola aesthetic is denim shorts or flowy, linen pants. This adds to the laid-back vibes of the aesthetic because these two pant options can go with virtually any top, whether it be a baggy t-shirt, a baby tee or a bikini top. One thing you can do with the linen pants is add a linen top of the same color to gain the cutest matching set perfect for a day at the beach. Additionally, while denim shorts may give off dad vibes at times depending on the style, they work well with this aesthetic and its aura. It doesn’t matter if you prefer them on the longer side or the shorter side, any kind of denim shorts will suit the beach lifestyle.


If there’s one thing to know about the salted granola aesthetic it’s that hats are essential. They match the vibe of this community perfectly, while also making sure you don’t get sunburnt during your long days at the beach (please wear sunscreen!). Another cute accessory is layered beaded necklaces or anklets. Growing up near the beach, I always saw surfers or beach-goers wearing beaded necklaces adorned with seashells or anklets, so it makes sense that the salted granola aesthetic has adopted this into its fashion sense. The last accessory I’m going to mention is Birkenstocks. This shoe brand has become synonymous with the aesthetic and easy-going lifestyle. Plus they’re easy to slip off when at the beach and back on when you’re ready to head home for the day.

Overall, the salted granola aesthetic is all about good vibes and good times at the beach. Whether you see yourself as a member of the salted granola community or as one of the other granola aesthetics, there is a little something for everyone with this trend. 

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