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A Case For The Kindle: Why Every Book Lover Should Try One

This article was written by The Zillennial Zine’s summer editorial intern Alexandra Speck. Find her on Instagram at @alexandraspeckk. If you would like to share an article with The Zillennial, send us an email at

While many book lovers have integrated the Kindle into their reading routines, some remain firmly opposed to e-readers. I was extremely dubious when I bought my first Kindle one year ago, believing I was bound for an inevitable return to the comfortable world of ink on paper. I was certain that downloading a digital book could never replace the satisfaction of cracking open a fresh paperback. However, the nifty device quickly won me over and earned a permanent spot on my nightstand. Should you buy a Kindle? Will you miss reading hard copies? Is Kindle Unlimited worth it? From one reader to another, here are my thoughts.

Can the Kindle really replace physical books?

My greatest apprehension toward the Kindle was a fear of corrupting my hobby with technology. Time spent reading is the only part of my day that is not somehow linked to the internet, and I am very protective of those “offline” moments.

However, I found that reading on a Kindle never felt like “screen time.” As shown in this unboxing video, the display is very matte and warm, so the Kindle more closely resembles real paper than a smartphone screen. Once I was invested in a book, clicking from page to page was as unconscious action as physical page-turning. I still slightly prefer hard copies, but the Kindle is perfectly comfortable.

Should I invest in a Kindle?

Physical books are so expensive that foregoing just a handful of hardcovers will leave you with all the funds needed for a Kindle purchase. A brand-new Kindle from Amazon costs just $100 which – considering it will replace years’ worth of hard copies – is a bargain. They are often on sale for holidays as well. The Kindle Paperwhite and the Oasis are the more expensive Kindle models, boasting features like higher-definition text and waterproofness. I am perfectly happy with the standard Kindle, but consider which model is right for you. Digital books are cheaper than hard copies, so you’ll continue saving money even after the initial purchase.

The Kindle is also a valuable investment in convenience. It’s small and has a long battery life, so it can travel with you everywhere. Since every book imaginable is at your fingertips, you’ll never have to worry about your next read being out of stock. For these reasons, I find that I have spent more time reading since my Kindle purchase. An interesting book is always within reach.

Is Kindle Unlimited worth it?

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If I’ve convinced you that the device itself is worth the investment, you are now wondering how to go about accessing digital books. There is always the option to buy them from Amazon, just like you would buy a regular book, but this option is only ideal if you are interested in a specific title. If you are simply browsing for your next read, Libby and Kindle Unlimited are your best bets.

Libby is a digital library that allows you to “check out” eBooks for free. If you are a member of your local library, you can sign in with your library card information. Most libraries are connected with Libby and have thousands of eBooks available. Read our full Libby review here.

Kindle Unlimited is an Amazon program that gives subscribers unlimited access to the Kindle Unlimited library. These books can be downloaded to your Kindle for free; readers of romance and classics have a particularly robust collection to choose from.

I don’t believe that Kindle Unlimited is worth the $11.99 monthly fee unless you are content to choose your next read at random and you read several books a month. If you have a specific TBR, Libby is a better (and free) resource that offers most best-sellers. Any books not offered on Libby could then just be purchased on Amazon. However, Amazon offers free Kindle Unlimited trials for up to 3 months, so I’d recommend exploring the option and saving a few bucks in the process.

Will you invest in a Kindle? Kindle users: is Kindle Unlimited worth it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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