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Your Guide to the Relaxing Art of a Self Care Bubble Bath

self care bubble bath

This article was written by The Zillennial Zine’s summer editorial intern Grier Calagione. Find her on Instagram at @g_fac. If you would like to share an article with The Zillennial, send us an email at

Taking a bubble bath is setting aside an hour for self-care. It’s a time of relaxation and peace, an essential ritual for reflecting on a day. Bubble baths are self-care. I consider the art of bathing a hobby of mine, simmering in hot water has just always registered with me as my official nightcap. A bath can be a time of meditation, a place for catching up with a favorite show, a before-bed ritual or simply an act of hygiene. Whatever you make of your bath it is most importantly a time for you. Today’s article will be breaking down 4 products for a productive self-care bath; bubbles, bath bombs, Epsom salts and bath tea.


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The best bubble baths have natural ingredients and scents, they bubble up and last for a while. You want to avoid overly chemical suds that will dry your skin. Instead, keep an eye out for hydrating oils like jojoba and Vitamin E, these ingredients will leave you moisturized post-soak. Check out the Deep Steep bubble bath on Amazon, with ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, argan oil and aloe vera.

Bath Bombs

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Bath bombs are fizzy fun, made popular by fan-favorite brand Lush. They really do make bath bombs for every occasion, need and holiday. I would recommend looking for a bath bomb with benefits most akin to your bath goals. My personal favorite is the Lush Goddess bath bomb, with rose oil to soothe and calm, cocoa butter for soft skin and Oudh oil for the woodsy scent.

Epsom Salts

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Epsom salts are a good remedy for sore or tight muscles, insomnia and even psoriasis. My favorite Epsom Salts are from Dr. Teals, they cover a wide range of products for different needs. Relax and Relief is a go-to, but the Melatonin salts before bedtime are relaxation induction to the max.

Bath Tea

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My final favorite method of bath self-care is the new trend of bath tea. I know the optics of soaking in tea may seem strange, but the pleasant aroma and relaxation benefits are well worth it. If you have the capability to grow or purchase plants like lavender, chamomile or rose and can make your own tea bags, do it. But, if there simply aren’t enough hours in the day- I find these bags from Purple Canyon to be a premium. They elevate your bathroom to an at-home spa, filled with lavender, chamomile and holy basil the blend is moisturizing and tiring. Get ready to crawl into bed after this soak.

You deserve a bath. A little bit of time to soak in some warm water and reflect at the end of the day. Read, watch TV, listen to music or simply stew; however you unwind, doing so in the tub will bring you ultimate zen. Taking a self-care bath is a ritual designed for one-on-one quality time with yourself. Enjoy!

What do you use in a self care bubble bath? Let us know in the comments!

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