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Libby App Review And Guide: How To Use An Online Library

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If you’re reading this, you might be an avid physical book reader who has decided to start reading digitally, someone who loves and prefers ebooks and just wants more information or even someone who is new to the hobby of reading entirely. Whoever you are, the memo’s the same: you need to jump on the Libby bandwagon.

Hear me out on this. Libby is an online digital library where you get thousands of ebooks and audiobooks at your fingertips! Ebook lovers, say goodbye to buying pricey digital copies on Amazon. Libby is all you need to keep up with your to-be-read list, and the best part is, it’s easy to use and totally free. I don’t know about you, but I like the sound of that. Here is a Libby app review and guide so you can satisfy your reading hobby without sacrificing your bank account for it.

How it works


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Libby, a product of the former OverDrive reading app, is like having your local library inside your phone. To gain access to its books, you’ll need a library card with a library system, like the one in your city or town or another you’re familiar with. Fortunately, getting a library card is super easy if you don’t already have one. Simply call or visit a public library to set one up. It takes only a few minutes to get a free pass into the world of books – pretty good deal if you ask me.

Once you download the Libby app, you’ll be asked to put in your library card information. Libby then connects to your library and pulls up all the ebooks and audiobooks that it offers. Just like a physical library, you are able to browse, borrow, place holds and make returns. Loan periods and borrowing limits vary depending on your library. Every library is different, so that means your assortment of books will look different. I have thousands of available content in my Libby app which is only fuel to my reading addiction fire.

Features and deets

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Libby is being talked about all over the book side of social media. That’s because it’s not only a visually appealing platform where you can get a bunch of free books, but it’s also very easy to navigate.

When you open the Libby app, there are a few different sections to look through. There’s a search bar if you’re looking for something specific, and several recommendation categories like ‘newest,’ ‘popular’ and ‘available now’ if you’re in a slump and need inspiration for your next read. There’s even a digital shelf where you can see the books you’ve taken out on loan or the ones you’re waiting in line for. The app’s convenient ‘timeline’ section will show you a history of all the books you’ve read or held on Libby along with timestamps.

Clicking on a book title will take you to its own page featuring a synopsis and other details to help you decide if you want to loan it out or not. You can even read or listen to a sample of the book before you borrow it! When you find a book you want to dive into, reading it is easy. You can read it in the app itself or transfer your loan to the Kindle app if you prefer. There are bookmarking and highlighting features, and you can even see the percentage of how far into the book you are as you read!

Overall, try it out!

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The Libby app is a great way to read digitally because it’s simple to use and easy to love. If you’re a lover of ebooks already, then Libby will only make the experience more enjoyable for you. For those who aren’t used to reading digital books, give Libby a try. It might be just the game-changer you need.

Did you like this Libby app review article? Will you be using Libby? Let us know in the comments below!

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