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6 Activities To Try Out On Your Next Camping Trip

games to play while camping

This article was written by The Zillennial Zine’s summer editorial intern Maggie Lardie. Find her on Instagram at @maggielardie If you would like to share an article with The Zillennial, send us an email at thezillennialzine@gmail.com.

Whether you’re a camping pro or you’re just wrapping up your first trip, you can probably acknowledge that camping can get a little boring sometimes. Sure, the appeal lies largely in relaxation, time spent in nature and off your phone, but after a couple days, the routine of hiking, swimming and sitting around the fire may get a little tedious. While this definitely is not the case for everyone, it’s always good to come prepared. Here are some ideas that are sure to entertain everyone on your next summer camping adventure!


If you’ve lived on a college campus in recent years, you’re well aware of the grip this game has on society – and for good reason. The game consists of bouncing a ball off a net that sits on the ground between the players. Although the game is typically played by two teams of two, you can add as many as will fit around the net. The more people you add, the more chaotic and fun the game will get! You also don’t have to follow the exact guidelines; for example my friends and I just had fun keeping the ball off the ground. In addition to this, the net is easy to condense, making the packing and transporting process simple. If you’re not into spikeball, bring a hacky sack! It serves the same purpose and doesn’t require a net.

Spice Up Your S’Mores

We’ve all made a classic s’more before, but these ideas might just change your life:

  • Bring fudge stripes instead of graham crackers
  • Try Reese’s instead of regular chocolate
  • Swap the crackers for Oreos!
  • Add in some fruit (raspberries or strawberries anyone?)

Make Up A Story

Camping Scary Stories GIF by evite - Find & Share on GIPHY

While you’re all sitting around the fire, why not make up a story? It could be any genre you want, although there’s something special about a scary campfire story. Make it more entertaining by allowing each person to contribute one sentence at a time to the story –  it’ll keep everyone on their toes.

Bring A Camera!

Reverse Game Night GIF by Mattel - Find & Share on GIPHY

Card games are one of the most popular games to play while camping, but in case you were overwhelmed by the amount of card games to choose from, here are a couple good ones:

  • Wilderness Uno: the same Uno that you know and love, but with cards that match the camping vibe
  • Cards Against Humanity: a fill-in-the-blanks game that will have everyone laughing
  • Phase 10: a variant of rummy that takes a little longer to complete but changes the objective just enough to keep things interesting
  • One Night Ultimate Werewolf: everyone is given a role in which they will try to piece together information about who out of the group is the werewolf. For those of you who love debate, this is the one for you!
  • Spoons: played with a regular deck of cards and a pile of spoons in the middle, every player tries to grab a spoon once a person gets four of a kind. If you’re the last player to grab a spoon, you’re out!

Make Pancakes


Camp PANCAKES 🥞🤤 Have you limited your cooking at camp because of all the dishes you have to clean? We’ll here’s a hack I learned from @Hailey Outside and it completely changed my camp breakfast game! 🥞 🍴- pack a blender bottle with the whisk inside 🥞- grab some pancake mix you just as water too 🍴- shake it on up to the consistency you desire 🥞- pour out the batter onto your pan and be amazed about how easy that just was! 🍴- have left over batter? Just pop the bottle in your cooler! No dishes, easy storage, and yummy pancakes 🤩🤩🤩 Thanks @haileyoutside for making my life so much easier!!! Comment below if you’d try out this hack🥞🤩🤤 #campcooking #camppancakes #cookingatcamp #breakfasthacks #campinghacks #tentcamping #camplife #nationalparkgeek #colemanstove

♬ lovers’ carvings – Bibio

You can make them on a camp stove, but if you didn’t bring one, the campfire will work just fine! A lot of pancake mixes only require you to add a couple ingredients, so it should be fairly simple to whip up a batch. Add in some fruit, sprinkles, chocolate or other leftover s’more ingredients to make things fun!

What are your favorite games to play while camping? Do you have a favorite s’more variant? Let us know in the comments!

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