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Djerf Avenue: Is The Brand Sweeping Social Media Worth It?

djerf avenue jeans

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Djerf Avenue is the certifiable face of trendy Scandinavian fashion. Matilda Djerf, known on social media for her voluptuous blond blowouts and effortlessly chic style, founded the “non-seasonal, ready-to-wear” brand in 2019 with a focus on ethical production and timeless designs. Whether you’re considering investing in a pair of Djerf Avenue jeans, eyeing their famous patterned loungewear, or just looking for fashion inspiration, here’s everything you need to know about the brand.

How It Started

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At 26 years old, Matilda Djerf has an established social media presence that includes 3 million followers on Instagram and 1.5 million on TikTok. Clearly passionate about her brand, Djerf plays an integral role in the designing and modeling of Djerf Avenue items. In an interview with Forbes Magazine, she explained that she personally examined original samples knowing “what felt right and what felt wrong, what kind of color we needed and materials.” We can credit the brand’s ethical production processes with Djerf’s hands-on approach. 

Fans responded enthusiastically to this opportunity to replicate Djerf’s style, and the company quickly became impossible to ignore. Djerf Avenue made 34 million dollars in revenue in 2022. Social media marketing on Instagram and TikTok have contributed greatly to that figure.

The Style

Djerf Avenue could not be any trendier. Staples are all the rage, and Djerf’s extensive collection of high-quality basics in solid colors and muted patterns are unlikely to go out of style. Light cream tones, blues, and florals appear to be Djerf’s favorites. The overall effect is preppy yet casual, like a grown-up Brandy Melville or Anthropologie with a dash of “old money” flair. One gets the impression that once purchased, a Djerf Avenue piece will never be thrown away.

The homeware collection, while limited, is just as curated as the fashion. Primarily sticking to kitchen aprons, linen towels, and bedsheets, Djerf Avenue uses simplicity to make its products applicable in a wide range of interior design styles.

Is Djerf Avenue Worth It?

I’ve yet to see anyone wearing Djerf Avenue on a regular basis, which I’d wager has more to do with the price tags than the pieces themselves. A wardrobe full of Djerf Avenue  – as wonderful as that sounds – is not in the budget for most college students and young 20-somethings. Most clothing items fall in the range of 70 to 170 dollars, averaging at about 130 dollars for staples like jeans, dresses, and sweaters. Given the brand’s focus on sustainability, the prices aren’t shocking, but they may make you think twice before filling your shopping cart.

Reviewers have mixed opinions regarding the prices. The consensus seems to be that only some items are worth the price tag, particularly when compared to items of similar quality offered elsewhere. The blazers are very lightweight and – while that may be intentional – reviewers wonder if a sturdier piece from another brand would be a more appropriate investment. 

Shopping at Djerf Avenue is often a matter of priorities. The fruit-pattered bathrobe retailing for $139 is very popular, but it’s an item I’d never buy. I’d be much more inclined to invest that money in a garment less easily found at your local T.J. Maxx – think Djerf’s flattering jeans, luxe sweaters, and unique sundresses. Nevertheless, I do see how those that appreciate upscale loungewear would enjoy a Djerf Avenue shopping spree.

Will you buy Djerf Avenue jeans, sweaters, or pajamas? Do you think the brand is worth it? Share in the comments below!

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