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The 2000s Are Calling: Y2K Outfit Ideas For The First Day Of School

y2k school outfits

This article was written by The Zillennial Zine’s summer editorial intern Camille Williams. Find her on Instagram at @camiiwilliamss. If you would like to share an article with The Zillennial, send us an email at

Some of our Zillennials will know the nostalgia of Bratz dolls, velour tracksuits and the bedazzle craze. Gen Z ushered in the early 2000s as the latest fashion era trending again. The y2k fashion resurgence has blossomed on Tiktok and is one of the most popular aesthetics right now. When looking back at some of these styles and what is portrayed as y2k now I see how they have shifted to be slightly more modernized than some of the original fashion choices.

Trust me I know it’s still pretty early to be thinking about anything related to school right now, but the first day of school outfits is something that I could think about for weeks. School is just around the corner, whether college or high school. Here are some y2k school outfits for your perfect back-to-school inspiration!

Be comfy in tracksuits

One of the staples of the 2000s was the matching velour tracksuits. You never really need to go to the gym in this outfit but it is such an easy thing to throw on for some y2k nostalgia. They are also so comfortable and perfect for when the fall weather comes. Try to go for some fun colors and prints, some of the most popular colors worn back then were pinks, whites, blacks, blues and purples, but the more colors the better!

Low rise over everything

No matter what kind of y2k pants you opt to wear, make sure it’s low rise. That was the style at the time and everyone under the sun wore low-rise everything, which I know can be a little triggering to remember for some of us, but confidence is key!

Never go wrong with a graphic tee

Graphic tees in the 2000s were on another level. The phrases on t-shirts were cute, quirky, and sometimes even flirty. They show confidence and a sense of humor. Wearing tees with letters printed on the front and back is even more epic, especially if it has something witty when you turn around. Pair a graphic tee with any type of lowrise jeans for a classic y2k look. You can modernize it by wearing a graphic baby tee or crop top.

Skirts should be the size of a belt

As Paris Hilton once said, “Life’s short, take risks.” Mini skirts were very popular in the 2000s, and because they were also low-rise, a lot of them were very small. If your school has a dress code or you want to cover up a little more but still wear a mini skirt, try adding some fishnets or tights for a little added coverage.

Step into the future

There were so many technological advancements happening in the 2000s and futuristic fashion was a fun result of this. This included many metallic and shiny materials. Pair a metallic bodysuit or top with something low-waisted like parachute pants for a y2k look. Bright colors will also be a great option, like pinks, purples and neons.

No outfit is complete without accessories

The first day of school is the only time I’ve ever given so much thought about every aspect of my outfit. Accessories are a great way to show personality and make a good first impression on your peers. Y2k also had some of the most fun accessories, from the wrap-around glasses to the bedazzled belts, bucket hats and bandanas. If you want to continue wearing y2k school outfits all year, I would go with a messenger bag, a metallic backpack or a denim backpack.

Did you like these y2k school outfits? Will you be wearing y2k fashion for the first day of school? Let us know in the comments!

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