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Cozy Cardio Doesn’t Care What You Wear And You Can Avoid Gym Anxiety

cozy cardio

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The latest fitness trend popping up on everyone’s For You page is “Cozy Cardio.” This new trend was created with the sole purpose of making working out enjoyable once again. Working out can easily become much like a chore or something we don’t want to do but feel like we have to. This is one of many reasons why so many people and I are loving cozy cardio. Personally, I have been loving participating in cozy cardio this summer because I can avoid going out in the scorching hot temperatures we’ve been having. Staying home and being in whatever you find comfortable is the embodiment of cozy, but being able to get healthier on top of that is an added bonus!

What is Cozy Cardio?

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The influencer who coined the term “cozy cardio” is Hope Zuckerbrow. Hope is super open and has been documenting her health journey on TikTok. She says even though she has lost a significant amount of weight her only goal now is to find a healthy balance between food and exercise. I couldn’t relate to this more. Our society has often glorified unhealthy relationships with food and exercise to fit into the popular beauty standards or what’s trending on social media. Exercise shouldn’t be a punishment, it should be a celebration of what your body can do. Cozy cardio is Zuckerbrow’s way of redefining exercise. She makes it clear that exercise doesn’t mean you have to be covered in sweat and be sore for the next week. Exercise shouldn’t be forced and it should make you feel good by the time you are done. As long as we move our bodies and indulge in moderation, we can count that as a win. Cozy cardio keeps your body healthy and at the same time, endorphins are released to keep your mind happy as well.

Recently one of Hope’s cozy cardio TikToks has reached 1.5 million views. In this video, she sets up her walking pad in front of her TV, lights some candles, turns on her colored ambient lighting and brings up her favorite show. Zuckerbrow never starts her cozy cardio without her protein coffee and her tumbler filled with ice water to set on the stool next to her. Then she takes cozy to the next level as she wears her robe and her fuzzy socks. This trend has gotten so popular that she is even being recognized by mainstream media. Zuckerbrow recently announced that has an upcoming interview with Good Morning America.

How to participate in cozy cardio

Cozy can mean something different for everyone. The three main components of cozy cardio are water, a walking pad or treadmill and a device with connection to the internet. It is important to stay hydrated no matter what but even more so when exercising. Walking pads are simplified treadmills. They are more affordable compared to the traditional treadmills you see in gyms. Many of them are under two hundred dollars and are so compact that they can be stored under a sofa or bed. You should also consult your doctor to see if this activity is considered safe for you before you participate. Other than that everything else is up to you! If you want to walk at your standing desk while you are answering work emails, DO IT! If you want to walk with a face mask on and teeth-whitening stripes in, DO IT! If you want to wear fuzzy socks with your tennis shoes like Zuckerbrow does, DO IT! If you want to walk in your underwear, DO IT! Although I advise you to draw your blinds if you want to do this one, but hey you do you. As long as you are enjoying yourself and using your equipment properly, then you are successfully participating in cozy cardio. Have fun and be cozy!

What do you think about cozy cardio? Do you think simplifying exercise would help you stick to your workouts? Let us know in the comment section below!

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