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Want to Know Which FKA twigs “CAPRISONGS” Song You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

which fka twigs song are you

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CAPRISONGS is the first mixtape FKA twigs has ever released. The mixtape was released in January of 2022, during Capricorn season, the zodiac sign which it is aptly named after. The mixtape experiments with many genres such as dancehall, UK drill rap and hyperpop, for example, and is a treat from start to finish. The mixtape’s title revolves around the singer’s star sign of Capricorn, hence the title, and mentions her other zodiac placements throughout the project—namely, her Sagittarius Moon and Pisces Venus.

Seeing as this album was made with astrology in mind, I thought it would be fun to explore exactly which FKA Twigs song are you based on your zodiac. It was a complete delight, and in addition to me assigning you a song, there are other reasons why this mixtape may resonate with you. If you happen to have the same moon sign as an artist you listen to, there is a high chance their work may resonate with you further since the moon governs emotions. This is also because when you have the same moon sign as someone, you tend to understand each other further. That being said, if you have a Sagittarius moon, there’s a chance you may love this mixtape even more. Regardless, and without further ado, here is your CAPRISONGS song according to your zodiac sign.

Aries – darjeeling (feat. jorja smith & unknown t)

“darjeeling” is a fun track from start to finish with drill beats included in its production. The nature of the song is light and honest as it reminisces about one’s roots and how it has led you to where you are now. While Aries are often known as being temperamental and strong, many don’t know that Aries have a sensitivity to them. They crave to be cared for, and they care for their loved ones fiercely. The lyrics of “darjeeling” are very introspective and contemplates greatly on the past, and to Aries, there is nothing more important to them than their home and their family. Besides the lyrics of the song, it is also something very energetic, and it is something that Aries will enjoy based on that alone.

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Taurus – jealousy (feat. rema)

You may be wondering, why is a song called “jealousy” being assigned to Taurus? Well, Taurus is one of the signs ruled by Venus, and what I admire about Taurus is just how much they appreciate the finer things in life. I associate Taurus placements with having great taste, but also for enjoying life to the fullest. “jealousy” is an upbeat and lively song that you can’t help but sway to when you hear it. The song is all about living your life to your heart’s content regardless of how other people feel, but also about finding contentment with all versions of yourself, even the past ones, and being at peace.

Gemini – pamplemousse

What many people forget is just how creative and unbound the expression of a Gemini is. They are not confined by outside forces of beliefs, and they allow themselves to explore the unknown freely. Gemini’s are curious creatures that yearn for knowledge, and this curiosity gives them the ability to seek it out and discover it. This curious nature is when it becomes clear exactly why Gemini’s are the sister sign of Sagittarius, as we can see they also have a thirst for knowledge and exploration in similar ways. At their best, a Gemini is incredibly open-minded to everything around them. This song utilizes breakbeats heavily, a style of production which in and of itself is pure ingenuity and creativity. Breakbeats are also a staple within several innovative dance and electronic genres. This song is also pure fun, and it feels like a good time out with friends when you listen to it.

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Cancer – careless (feat. daniel caesar)

“careless” is a sensitive and heartfelt ballad that illustrates the perspectives of two lovers in regards to their relationship. Cancers are often regarded as “crybabies,” but I don’t like to revert them to just that stereotype. Cancers are emotional, yes, but that’s because they are ruled by the moon and greatly in touch with their emotions. They identify, they feel and they work through their emotions all the same easily due to their nature, and if that includes crying, so be it. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re crybabies, but rather demonstrates an amount of emotional intelligence. “careless” is a gentle and loving that soothes you as you listen, but the love story depicted in the lyrics is complicated. This is something that Cancers are familiar with as a sign ruled by the moon, a planet often associated with the mother, as they know what it’s like to nurture someone even if it may leave them drained. As a water sign, they may tend to romanticize their situations even if they are a disservice to them as they only see the best in others.

Leo – papi bones (feat. shygirl)

Leo’s are known far and wide for their magnetic and assured personalities, and of course this is the case when you are ruled by none other than the sun. “papi bones” is an electric, dancehall mix that makes anyone want to get out of their seats and dance. In fact, the song encourages its listeners to dance until the sun comes up and enjoy themselves. Leo’s know how to have fun and bring the energy to any social gathering they’re at, and “papi bones” does just that as soon as it begins. The song is fun at every turn with no boring moment in sight, which is exactly the kind of energy Leo’s also crave.

Virgo – lightbeamers

Virgo’s are typically known as being dedicated and hardworking to their causes, and while the ethic of Virgo’s is something I admire, there is more to them than that. They are more than their capabilities and achievements, and sometimes they have a hard time remembering this themselves. They just want to be seen for the person they are underneath. “lightbeamers” reminds its listeners to be gentle and gracious to themselves instead of being so firm. Virgo’s are one of the signs that need to remember this the most as they are usually very hard on themselves and in need of reminders to be kind to themselves. Virgo’s have a sensitive nature to them that even they try to push away sometimes, but they need to remember it’s okay for them to feel and express themselves truthfully.

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Libra – which way (feat. dystopia)

The symbol Libra’s are often represented by is the scale, which in regards to a Libra’s need to find balance within themselves and among their connections. “which way” is all about feeling out of place and being unsure about where you’re going in life. The lyrics detail a loss of balance and an inability to find it, but the reason this song represents Libra is because at the end of the day, Libra’s always find their way by following their own moral compass. Libra’s are good at providing counsel to others, but they are also great at answering their own philosophical qualms and thinking deeply. This is exactly why a song like this suits Libra’s energy perfectly.

Scorpio – meta angel

The reason that Scorpio’s are being assigned “meta angel” is because the ruling planet of Scorpio  is Pluto. Pluto is the planet of transformation, change, death and rebirth; these are phases that Scorpio’s go through constantly throughout their lifetime as they continue to grow. The lyrics of this song detail an emotional crisis, but also mention the idea of an ego death. Sometimes we have to cast away old versions of ourselves in order to welcome in the new, and this is something the Pluto-ruled Scorpio’s know very well. Scorpio’s feel things very deeply, and sometimes these emotions are a little too hard to handle, which is why they often desire an outside force to comfort them.

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Sagittarius – oh my love

“oh my love” explores the fickleness of love, especially the kind that is never solid or explicitly stated. And, yes, this song can be related to your situationships. The song is wistful while also maintaining a playful demeanor, something that Sagittarius is known for. People often only see Sagittarius for the fun and humorous displays they put on, but forget that they are capable of great thoughts beneath the surface. Sagittarius is often regarded as the philosopher of the zodiac, and the sign is even represented by the centaur. One of the most well-known centaurs within mythology was Chiron, a wise and old teacher who taught Greek heroes such as Jason and Heracles. “oh my love” explores its emotions honestly while keeping a positive outlook, and Sagittarius, ever the optimist, can understand this perfectly. While the song allows itself to feel its emotions, it also offers wisdom to its listeners at the end, embodying both the student and teacher attitude Sagittarius often cary throughout their life.

Capricorn – ride the dragon

“ride the dragon” is the opening track of the album, and it has both a dark and a sweet personality. Capricorn is ruled by the planet of Saturn, a planet known as a cold one, but Saturn is a planet that requires time. This is why many Capricorns represent discipline and growth more than any other sign. The Saturn-ruled natives have to learn early on many hard lessons in order to reap the rewards later on—these rewards are often received after their Saturn return at 27. In regards to this song, it has a melancholic and honest nature, much like Capricorn, but that sweetness is still there. When you truly know a Capricorn, they can be some of the kindest and caring people you know. This song also expresses the idea of asking another person to take the initiative, something Capricorns often want another person to do as they are so used to being in charge of everything in their life.

Aquarius – honda (feat. pa salieu)

I would regard “honda” as one of the most exciting and attention-grabbing songs of CAPRISONGS. Aquarius is ruled by the planet of Uranus, which literally governs innovation. Aquarius have a unique energy about them that can’t be replicated, and it is also why the astrology behind trends and trend-setting can oftentimes be studied by observing Aquarius within a chart. “honda” is explosive and dynamic with its production and offers something unique in every verse and chorus, something Aquarius needs in order to maintain their excitement and interest.

Pisces – tears in the club (feat. the weeknd)

I believe Pisces should be assigned “tears in the club” due to their emotional and watery nature. The song details one’s attempts at trying to forget a previous relationship that left them scarred, which they hope to do as they dance the night away at the club. Pisces have a dreamy nature to them, but this quality can become disadvantageous as the sign is also known for their escapist tendencies as well. The lyrics of “tears in the club” heavily discuss trying to forget one’s heartbreak through dance and music while pushing away all emotions instead of working through them.

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Do you agree with our picks for which FKA Twigs song are you? Let us know in the comments below!

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