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Still Trending Four Weeks Later, Good Omens Fans Are Demanding A Season Three

good omens season two

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For the past month now, my life has been consumed by Good Omens. I had been waiting with anticipation since the announcement that a second season was coming, but watching it rekindled my obsession with our beloved angel and demon pair, Aziraphale and Crowley. If you want to catch up with what has been happening since Good Omens season two was released or would like some convincing to get into the Good Omens fandom, read on!

A Brief Overview

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The Good Omens series we know today goes back quite a while, more than thirty years now. I would like to think that inspiration struck them on a nice day in a garden because that would be a very funny coincidence, but we cannot know for sure. Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman co-wrote the novel Good Omens, and it was published in 1990. Over the years it gained popularity, and they considered adapting it for the big screen. In the early 2000s, plans were made for a movie, but things just didn’t work but. Terry Pratchett passed away in 2015, and Gaiman pursued Pratchett’s wishes to adapt Good Omens for television. Amazon picked up the series in 2017, and it was released on Prime Video in 2019. The first season follows the book in its entirety, so when Amazon renewed the show in 2021, fans were surprised and excited to see what could come next. The second season, which Gaiman has confirmed is not the final ending for Aziraphale and Crowley, was released on July 28, 2023. Gaiman actively answers questions on his Tumblr and has a hopeful outlook and willingness to produce a third season to wrap up the story.


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Without spoiling too much, here is a synopsis! Season one, which is based on the novel, follows a demon, Crowley, and an angel, Aziraphale. Their unlikely bond and mutual love of the world is threatened when the Antichrist is brought to Earth, setting in motion the plans for the Apocalypse, and eventually Armageddon. The two agree to prevent it, but when they lose the Antichrist, it becomes a race against time, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and other humans to find him. 

With the events of the first season resolved, season two picks up a few years later. Trouble is afoot in Heaven when Gabriel, the supreme archangel, goes missing. When Jim (short for Gabriel), shows up at Aziraphale’s door, he and Crowley resolve to solve the mystery. But, they have to act quickly and evade Heaven and Hell when a miracle gone too well alerts their former sides of their suspicious activity.

So, What’s Been Happening In The Fandom Since?

Other than crying about the finale of the season, the fandom has been extremely active. Neil Gaiman has been answering fan questions on Tumblr, fans have been discussing different theories about the characters, their lines, and the ending, and artists have been making fantastic fan art, edits, and written work about the show. If they aren’t rewatching the show to convince Amazon to renew the show, they’re demanding a third season online, using the hashtag #GiveMeS3OrGiveMeDeath, a play on the name of a coffee shop in the show, Give Me Coffee Or Give Me Death. 

It is enjoyable to see that their social media team is probably having fun interacting with fans. When playfully posing a sad picture from the show, a fan jokingly edited the Good Omen’s profile picture with jail bars over it, and the account adopted the edited picture on their profile temporarily and changed their display name to explain they were “in jail for terrorizing the fandom.”

My TikTok feed has been full of edits. Some of them are funny and great for coping with that finale, but most of the ones I’ve seen are to Hozier and Queen songs, Everyday by Buddy Holly, and other songs that fit so well to describe the characters. And the art! Artists, I can only like posts so fast. You all are so talented.

It is an understatement to say the show has been well received. So far, the show has a 4.8 out of 5-star rating on Prime Video with over 3,800 ratings and reviews. Fans hope that watching and rewatching Good Omens season two will convince Amazon to renew the show. Today, August 25, is also the release date of the season two soundtrack, streamable on Amazon, Apple, Spotify, and more. 

Did you watch Good Omens season two? Let us know your reaction in the comments below!

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