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Bestie Blankets: How To Make Best Friend Blankets With Your BFF

best friend blanket DIY

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You’ve heard of friendship bracelets, but have you heard of best friend blankets? Bestie blankets have been taking TikTok by storm. If your FYP is anything like mine, it’s been flooded with videos of friends hugging each other with cute DIY blankets. If you and your bestie have been wanting to make these blankets yourselves, look no further. This best friend blanket DIY will help you create the cutest best friend blankets you can use for years to come.

What Are Best Friend Blankets?

Best friend blankets are what they sound like: blankets you make and share with your best friend. Each friend picks a fabric they like or think best represents them, and then together, they use the fabrics to create tie blankets for each other. This trend began taking off on TikTok in August, as many besties were preparing to say goodbye for the first time as one or both went off to college or moved away. Of course, you don’t have to be long-distance BFFs to make a bestie blanket. They’re just another keepsake to strengthen your bond and let you know your friend is always there for you.

How To Make Them

To make a best friend blanket, you’ll first need to choose your fabrics. Head to your local fabric shop and find the fleece options. Most people select patterns that match in some way, but you and your bestie can choose whatever you like. They’re your blankets, after all, so you’re going to want to pick something you want to see every day.

Once you have your two fabrics, you’ll need to get them cut. Fabric is measured in yards, so make sure you get enough for a blanket. Most DIYers recommend getting two and a half yards of each fabric for tie blankets like these. Two yards should be long enough for the standard person, but if you want an extra big and cozy blanket, you can go up to three yards. Just make sure that you select a size that will work best for you.

After you have your fabrics chosen and cut, it’s time to head home and make your blankets. The process is simple, but it will take a while, so use this opportunity to bond with your bestie! Turn on your favorite TV show or movie, grab some snacks and make a night of it.

First, you’ll need to lay your blankets flat, so make sure you find a spot where you’ll have enough room to work. Lay one fabric on top of the other so that their edges are aligned. You’ll want the outer side of each fabric (the side with the pattern printed correctly) facing away from each other, as these will make up both sides of your blanket.

Then, you’ll begin cutting the fringe of the blanket. Fabric scissors are preferable for this, but just make sure whatever scissors you use are able to cut through both fabrics at once. You’ll then cut along all the sides of your fabric, making little strips about as long as your finger (or longer, depending on your preference) and about one to two inches wide. If you’re worried about your strips not being even, you can measure and mark them before cutting. 

You’ll do this for each side of your blanket. When you reach a corner, you’ll see that your cuts will have left a little square piece of fabric. You’ll simply cut each of these pieces off so that you have a nice, sharp corner.

When you’re done cutting, it’s time to start tying your blanket. Take each set of fringe, a piece of each fabric, and tie them together in a double knot. Make sure the knot is tight but not so tight that your fabric scrunches or puckers up. You’ll repeat this process until each piece of fringe is tied.

Congratulations! Your bestie blankets are now complete! Now it’s time to test them out by wrapping yourself up and giving your best friend a big hug.

What did you think of this best friend blanket DIY? Will you and your best friend try it out? Let us know in the comments!

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