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These 1989 Party Ideas Will Have You Ready To Shake It Off With Your Besties

1989 release party

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We’ve reached that point in the countdown: 1989: Taylor’s Version is officially less than a month away! We know you’re probably well aware of this fact, seeing as practically every corner of social media is determined not to let you forget it. From Taylor Nation and Swift herself to unexpected accounts like the Empire State Building, everyone is posting about their excitement for the album. It seems like everyone has a very specific plan to celebrate October 27 (because at this point, the days where Taylor Swift drops an album are basically national holidays). If you’ve been seeing all the Taylor content lately and feel like joining in the fun, we have some great ideas so you can have the 1989 release party of your wildest dreams!

Make It A Girl’s Night

(Okay, maybe just a no-significant-other night). This idea might be a controversial one, but hear us out. Part of the reason the 1989 era is so iconic is because Taylor was so focused on her friendships! This is the era responsible for giving us the Taylor Swift “squad,” after all. Imagine how fun it would be to sing and dance with your friends to the updated tracks! The original album is almost ten years old, so for those of you who have friends that have grown with you since that time, don’t you think you guys deserve a little anniversary celebration?

The Outfits

It was certainly easier to come across outfit inspiration for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, but just because we’re not working with ten eras doesn’t mean there’s not still tons of inspiration! Taylor has seven music videos out that are part of the 1989 era, as well as tons of red carpet looks and photoshoots. Even some of her lyrics provide the perfect outfit inspiration! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Anyone from the “Bad Blood” music video: Have each guest dress up like their favorite celebrity cameo/character from the video. This idea would make a great party theme too!
  • Wine stained dress I can’t wear anymore: This lyric from “Clean” is pretty self – explanatory and might be a go-to for those of you who don’t want to stress about keeping your outfit from getting dirty.
  • New money, suit and tie: Honestly any look from the “Blank Space” music video would be great for a release party. Bonus points if you bring your own golf club.
  • James Dean daydream: “Style” offers so many outfit options – from long, slicked back hair and a white t-shirt, to good girl faith and a tight little skirt.
  • This article will give you some more ideas on some of 1989’s most iconic outfits.
  • Headed out to a Taylor Swift party in your city? We have a whole article with outfits ideas!

The Setting

Taylor Swift Graduation GIF by Storyful - Find & Share on GIPHY

Technically this party already has a theme, but you can still make it original! Taylor mentions so many different places throughout 1989, so we thought it would be fun if the party decorations matched one of those places. Some examples are:

  • A New York themed party: Need we go further?
  • Wonderland: It’s a crime this song was only on 1989’s deluxe version, but what better way to show your love for an underrated song?
  • Out of the Woods: Make this the theme of the evening by taking tons of Polaroids of you and your friends! (Just make sure not to end up in the hospital room.)
  • A classic beach theme: This seems to be the theme Taylor is going with, based on her album covers for the re-recorded version. Have everyone bring their best pair of sunglasses and whip up some beachy drinks.

Are you throwing a 1989 release party? Which track are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments!

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