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Headed To A Swiftie Dance Party? Taylor Swift Night Outfits To Try

Taylor Swift night outfits

I’ve seen “Taylor Swift nights” and “Taylor Swift dance parties” all over social media and I’ve been nothing but envious of the fans who have been able to go. Basically, at these Taylor Swift nights, a DJ plays T Swift all night and Swifties come together to dance, sing, make friends, drink and have the night of their lives. When I saw an ad for one in my city, I immediately grabbed my wallet and bought a ticket. I couldn’t wait to meet a bunch of Swifties who live near me, to sing my heart out and to have a chance to wear… wait, what should I wear? When it comes to an event like this: what do you wear? Whether you’re going to Taylor Swift night NYC, Taylor Swift night Chicago, The Taylor Party, or another spinoff of a Taylor Swift dance party, here are some Taylor Swift night outfit ideas.

Recreate An Iconic Outfit

If there’s one celebrity out there that has a million iconic outfits to choose from, it’s Taylor Swift. You can go with a classic, like recreating the Junior Jewels tee from the You Belong With Me music video, or you can pick one of the outfits from the Look What You Made Me Do video. There are so many outfits that you can recreate – some easy to piece together and some a little more difficult to DIY. Decide how much time and effort you want to put into this project and get working!

Accessory Time

Just like she’s known for her outfits, Taylor Swift is also known for some iconic accessories and makeup looks. Nothing says T Swift like a red lip, or some heart sunglasses, or the red All Too Well scarf. You can pretty much wear anything your heart desires if you throw on one of these iconic accessories.

Style Your Merch

Whether it’s fan-made or official merch, wearing some T Swift garb is an obvious choice. You can style your cardigan (but maybe don’t, it’s so hot when you’re dancing), wear a beautiful fan-made T-Shirt or wear something simple like a bandana, scrunchie, necklace, bracelet or another accessory that will show off your Swiftie spirit.

Emulate An Era

Something I love about Taylor Swift and her albums is that each one has a very specific vibe. So, even if you didn’t want to dress up in costume, per se, you could just emulate an era! Want to dress like Lover? Think pink, rainbows, sparkles, hearts! Want to dress like reputation? Black, silver, green, snakes! Debut? Cowboy boots, fringe, the color blue! There are very specific vibes to each album that you can just dress like the album itself! Pick which one is your favorite and give it a shot!

Trying to figure out what to wear to Taylor Swift night? We hope you love these Taylor Swift night outfit ideas! Let us know what you’re wearing in the comment section below! See you there, Swifties!

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