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The Addictive And Groovy “Back On 74” Dance Challenge Sweeping Across TikTok

back on 74 dance

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One fateful August evening while scrolling through TikTok, I happened to come across a clip from a dance piece to a vibrant and groovy 70’s nostalgic dance track. I was immediately entranced by the choreography that just flowed so beautifully and managed to match the tone of the song like a beautiful union. The dancers in the video were also able to capture the emotions of the song perfectly and translate them into their dance moves like a visual story guide. Not only was I mesmerized by the dance, but the song itself was so captivating and really spoke to me.

I was hooked, and I immediately went to the comments and checked the tags because I just needed to know what song this was and where I could find the video. It didn’t take me long to figure out the song was titled “Back On 74” by a group called Jungle, and I went straight to YouTube. I, of course, ended up falling down a rabbit hole.

Jungle is a group fronted by two British producers, Joshua Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland, who go by J and T respectively because they like to maintain a lowkey and anonymous persona. The group’s main goal is to focus on their music and their visuals, which is why the band’s two frontmen are never in the spotlight of their music videos. Jungle has released four albums since their formation in 2013, Volcano being their most recent one to be released on August 11th, 2023. “Back On 74” was one of the album’s singles, and the music video was released on August 10th, 2023.

A full-length visual film was also released in conjunction with the album to be viewed exclusively by those who purchased a pass until the end of the year. The film is set to be released on YouTube officially sometime in December. Since the posting of “Back On 74,” two more music videos have been released on Jungle’s YouTube channel for songs “Us Against The World” and “Holding On.”

Now onto the exciting part: the “Back On 74” dance challenge that has been trending. As a dancer, I was stunned from my very first watch of the music video because of the way every moment of the choreography left me transfixed and grasping for more. There was no dull moment as every section of the choreography sticks out to you and pieces together so nicely. I think what I loved the most about the choreography was just how unique it was and how effortlessly it utilized grooves and rhythm throughout its entirety to create such a smooth finish of movement from beginning to end.

In fact, there is one specific moment from the video that has gone viral (above), and people love it so much that the choreographer himself, Shay Latukolan, has even posted a tutorial for those who would like to learn it.

Shay Latukolan is an amazing dancer and choreographer who comes from a freestyle hip-hop background. When asked about it before in interviews, he stated he identifies as a street dancer because that’s where his training began before he ever attended a studio. He also mentions that his style is influenced by other dance styles such as Funk Afro and Krump. A TikTok I came across by chance talked about the influence and inspirations for the “Back On 74” choreography, such as The Temptations and The Supremes—two groups who were some of Motown’s most famous artists.

People all over TikTok have been unable to get enough of the choreography from “Back On 74,” and if you search it on the app, so many people have posted various moments from the video they love. I think this just goes to show how dynamic this choreography is that so many people have so many different moments that stick out to them. People have also been recreating the dance as it has morphed into a dance challenge on the app since no one can get over the music video’s iconic moment.

Have you seen this newly emerging iconic video from Jungle? Tell us what your favorite moment from the choreography was!

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