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5 Easily Recognizable Horror Movie Costumes For This Halloween

horror movie halloween costume

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Halloween is right around the corner, meaning it’s time to either finalize or gather your costume together for holiday. Picking out a Halloween costume can be difficult sometimes, but that’s okay because we’ve got your back. You can get as creative as you’d like for Halloween, and there’s no requirement for how much you need to spend to have a quality costume. Thrifted pieces to DIY to even clothes in your closet are all valid ways to create a costume. If you can find a piece at an affordable price, then that’s even better than breaking your bank. However, if you’re feeling up to it and want to splurge just this once for Halloween after saving up, then there’s no shame in that, either. If you’re a horror movie lover and you’ve been struggling with your costume, here are some easily recognizable horror movie halloween costume ideas you can proudly wear this Halloween.

Carrie – Carrie

Before the movie’s release in 1976, the original story of Carrie was published as a novel by Stephan King in 1974. Following a shy girl who is bullied as she discovers her telekinetic powers in her adolescence, the story has managed to captivate people for decades. Carrie has really solidified itself within the horror genre and within pop culture. People know this story like the back of their hand, so no one will question you who you are. You can either show up wearing this classic, pink slip dress as it is, or you can go the extra mile and add the fake blood to capture the essence of Carrie’s character arc.

X – Maxine

70’s bombshell Maxine has become a new icon within the horror genre—and how could she not when she’s so unique? The freckles across her face and her bold, blue eyeshadow make her stand out instantly, and nothing is quite as charming as her simple overall outfit. In the film she doesn’t wear a top underneath her overalls, but if you’d like to you can substitute it for anything that makes you comfortable. Just as an example I included a white tank top, but it’s really up to you whatever you want to wear. As the final touch for Maxine’s outfit, her flower-print bandana adds the final touch to the farmer girl look she was going for.

Child’s Play – Chucky

You can’t talk about camp horror without talking about Chucky. The film invisions the inverse of the adorable and heartwarming Toy Story for its capabilities of horror and terror. Everyone knows Chucky whether they like him or not, which makes for a costume that will be recognized immediately. Whether you prefer short or long overalls to model the costume to your liking, here are two options for you to choose from to pair with your rainbow pattern shirt.

The Craft – Nancy Downs

Teenage angst, magic and the troubles of friendship—The Craft has it all. One of the most beloved characters of this film is Nancy Downs due to her unforgettable smile and her killer wardrobe. Sporting a Gothic look for both her clothing and her makeup, any appearance made by Nancy stays on your mind. Watching her fashion evolve throughout the film tells a story of its own, but for this Halloween costume we’re taking it back to the beginning. The school that Nancy Downs and the other girls attend requires a school uniform, but that doesn’t stop them from experimenting with fashion and adding their own twists to it. Especially not Nancy. With just a plaid skirt, a button-up, a cardigan and your own curated accessories (preferably Gothic), you can recreate this look with ease.

The Bride Of Chucky – Tiffany Valentine

There was no one who could have made Tiffany Valentine the character she is or embody her better than Jennifer Tilly—making both her and the character she played two certified scream queens. Tiffany Valentine is humorous, sensual and determined as she proves herself to be much more than just Chucky’s bride. Not to mention the iconic makeover scene once Tiffany is in her doll form while “Call Me” by Blondie plays in the background. It just makes for the perfect costume to recreate if you really want to embody her character. All it takes is a white dress that suits your style with a little flare and a leather jacket. Simple, right? But if you really want to commit to the dramatics of Tiffany’s style, don’t forget her memorable makeup look.

Are any of these horror movie halloween costume the one you’re planning on wearing? Let us know how your Halloween 2023 costume planning goes!

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