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5 Things You Need To Take Your Vampire Dinner Party To The Next Level

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I love the Halloween season, from the festive spooky decorations, to dressing up, and having fun parties. When it comes to seeing posts about themed dinner parties, I like and save everything I see. This year, I’ve been seeing lots of posts about Halloween dinner parties, where the host and their friends all dress up like witches, ghosts, or vampires. I love the vampire idea and have thought about what I would include in planning a party like that. If you’re looking for vampire dinner party ideas for your own party, take a look at our list of must-haves!

Spooky Decorations

A dinner party fit for a group of vampires will need decorations to match! For the table, get a dark-colored tablecloth, and a black lacey table runner. A simple way to elevate the table decorations is with candles and candle holders! Check out your local thrift store for candle holders, especially for ones that have a vintage or baroque look. If you are a stickler for matching, lots of people have spray-painted candle holders to match, particularly ones made of glass. While you’re there, you can also look for vintage serving trays and platters!

Set up the table with the holders and long stem candles, flowers and foliage, and mini white pumpkins!

Themed Drinks


Up your glass game this spooky szn. On a plate, combine honey or corn syrup with red food colouring. Grab your favourite wine glass and rim it in the mixture to achieve this dripping blood look.🩸 Pro-tip: throw your glass in the freezer for 10 minutes after you rim it but before pouring your wine to prevent the honey from running down your whole glass. #halloweenwine #halloweendrink #halloweenvibes

♬ Paint The Town Red – Doja Cat

Another decorative touch to your vampire dinner party can be through the drinks! Continuing with the baroque theme, look for cups like goblets while thrifting. 

Otherwise, use glasses you already have from home. Spruce up the glasses by rimming them. For a blood-dripping look, mix a few drops of red food coloring in honey, and rim the glasses with a thick enough layer for the honey to form short drips. Serve it up with wine or your preferred cocktail!

Extra Touches To The Starters

Since the weather is getting colder, that means it’s soup season! For my party, I would serve tomato bisque and cheesy bread. Sometimes, I’ve seen people serve tomato soups with a slice of cheese on top, like mozzarella, and a leaf of basil. This would be super cute, especially if you cut the mozzarella to look like a little jack-o-lantern face!

In my opinion, cheesy bread is delicious and always popular at parties. Why not have it at a fancy dinner party? If you get a baguette, cut it diagonally into ovals and sprinkle some cheese on top. Toast so the cheese melts, and then use some olive slices for the eyes and mouth! Yummy and perfectly bite-sized for the soup!

A Dinner To Get In-Character


Easy Halloween dinner idea the whole family will love 🎃 Screenshot recipe at end of video #halloweenrecipe #jackolantern #easyrecipe

♬ original sound – Action Jacquelyn

Leaning into that vampire theme, dinner can be a bit more carnivorous. There’s nothing like sinking your fangs into meat that just falls off the bone, so I would serve some slow-cooked ribs. When made in a crock pot, the process will be more hands-off, so it will also be one less thing to think about during the party. Eating ribs with extra barbeque sauce is similar in my mind to a vampire indulging in something a little bit messy. It’s also harvest time so paired with some roasted veggies (which also accommodate vegetarian and vegan guests), it’ll be a feast for immortals.

Decadently Devilish Dessert

And, of course, no dinner party is complete without dessert! In my opinion, for this type of party, which dessert it is does not matter so much, but rather that the dessert is served with raspberry puree or syrup. It could be a smooth cheesecake or a dark chocolate brownie, but a raspberry puree will add that red, bloodlike element. 

Do you like these vampire dinner party ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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