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Is This App The Solution To Long Distance Relationships? Reviewing Agapé

Agapé app review

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If you’ve ever had a long-distance relationship, whether romantic, platonic or familial, you know it can sometimes be disheartening and difficult. No matter how important the relationship is, staying in touch can be overwhelming when life gets in the way. I personally have friends living in several different states, so regardless of where I am, I always find myself in long-distance friendships. When you’re far away from your loved ones, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget to check in with them in meaningful ways. The new app Agapé seeks to change that. Agapé is designed to strengthen relationships by asking users daily questions about each other and helping them communicate their wants and needs. After seeing several TikToks about the app’s daily questions, I decided to try it with my friends to see if it really will strengthen our friendships. Can it really make long-distance relationships easier? Read on for an honest Agapé app review.

What Is Agapé?

The term “agapé” is Greek for unconditional love, which is what the Agapé app wants to spread. The app is designed for anyone in any form of long-distance relationship, though anyone seeking to deepen their bond is welcome and able to use it regardless of distance. When you connect with your partner or friend on the app, you’ll receive a daily question intended to spark up a conversation. These questions range from deep and meaningful ponderings about your relationship to silly little scenarios to make you laugh. The goal is to build up a streak by using the app every single day to ensure you feel close to your loved one.

How It Works


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When you first download the app, you’ll need to connect with someone before being able to use the features. Agapé will provide you with a unique pairing code to invite your loved ones to join you. You can invite as many people as you want, but you only need one to begin using the app.

Once you’re both connected, you’ll see several features on your home page. The most important one is Daily Agapé, which is where you answer the daily question. If you have more than one connection on the app, it will match you with someone random to share the question with. You’ll type your answer, and then your partner will receive a notification to respond as well. Your answer will not be shown to them until they respond and vice versa. After you’ve both answered, the chat will open up for you to discuss the question in more depth.

Some other features of the app include memories, love notes, wellness checks and random questions. With the Add Memory feature, you can post a picture, tag the person you share the memory with and write a brief caption. With Send a Love Note, you can write a brief (or lengthy) love note or note of encouragement to your partner. Both memories and love notes will then appear in your scrapbook, a section on your homepage that stores anything you and your partner have answered on the app.

The Wellness Check feature is a survey that asks you how you’ve been feeling in your relationship over the past week and how Agapé has affected it, with the intention of discussing these feelings with your partner. This feature seems to be geared toward the romantic aspect of the app, though, so if you’re using it for platonic or familial relationships, it probably won’t benefit you as much.

If you love answering the daily question, you have the option to respond to even more with the Random Question feature. It works the same way as the daily question. The Start a Convo feature is also similar, but unlike the Random Question feature, you can choose the category of the question and which of your connections will answer with you.

There are even more features if you upgrade to the premium version. You can handpick which questions you answer and even write your own, and you can access exclusive question categories unavailable to standard users.

My Thoughts


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While I have not used Agapé long enough for it to really make an impact on my relationships, I think it has a lot of potential. As long as both parties are invested and truly want to improve their relationship, Agapé can help do so. I like that there is a mix of deep and silly questions. Some I could answer immediately, while others I had to think about for a long time. There are some questions I would never think to ask someone on my own, so there are a lot of opportunities to get to know things about your partner you may never have known otherwise. I also like that you can’t see the other person’s answers until you’ve both responded so you aren’t influenced to answer a certain way.

I do think the layout of the app could be improved, however. As I was first trying to learn and navigate the app, it felt very cluttered. I think this could fixed by adding more tabs at the bottom of the screen. Right now, you can only move between the Home and Profile tabs, and creating an additional tab for the Scrapbook feature could make the home screen more appealing.

Overall, I think Agapé is worth trying for anyone who wants to strengthen their relationships, regardless of whether they’re long-distance or not. The app itself won’t make your relationship better, but it will provide you with opportunities to improve it yourself.

We hope you enjoyed this Agapé app review! Will you be trying the app? Let us know in the comments!

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