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The Best Holiday Romance Books For Hallmark Lovers

holiday romantic comedy books

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year for all the Hallmark movie lovers out there! If you love Hallmark movies, you’re not ashamed to admit you love cheesy, trope-filled rom-coms, and you probably love a good romance novel, too. In fact, you might even be looking for a holiday rom-com book that makes you feel as warm and cozy as Hallmark movies do. Look no further! We’ve gathered a list of 5 holiday romantic comedy books Hallmark lovers are sure to enjoy.

Wreck the Halls by Tessa Bailey


Tessa Bailey is one of the most popular romance authors out there, so it’s no surprise fans were eagerly anticipating the release of Wreck the Halls. In this holiday romance, we follow Melody Gallard and Beat Dawkins, the children of two former rockstars who must team up to convince their mothers to reunite for a Christmas Eve concert.

Melody has always tried to avoid the spotlight, choosing to spend her days restoring old books. But when a producer offers her an incredible deal to reunite her mother’s band on live television, she can’t refuse. Beat, on the other hand, loves the limelight. Melody felt an immediate attraction when they met as teenagers, but nothing ever became of it because of the feud that broke up their mothers’ band. Now that they’re reunited to convince their mothers to perform the concert, the attraction is stronger than ever. As Mel and Beat tackle rockstar and Christmas shenanigans, Mel starts to break out of her shell. The only problem is that a decades-old scandal might just ruin everything.

Along Came Holly by Codi Hall

Along Came Holly is the third book in Codi Hall’s Mistletoe Romance series, but it can be read as a standalone. This grumpy-sunshine romance follows Holly Winters, who owns a successful holiday shop in Mistletoe, Idaho. The only problem is Declan Gallagher, the Scrooge-like owner of the hardware store next door. After a revenge prank turns into an all-out war, Holly realizes she needs Declan’s help.

Declan hates gaudy Christmas decorations, but he can’t pass up the money when Holly hires him to set up her lights display. Declan intends to get the work done as quickly as possible, but he keeps getting sabotaged. As he spends more time with Holly, he begins to realize maybe Christmas traditions aren’t as bad as he thought, and he might just be falling for the one woman he shouldn’t want.

Wrapped With a Beau by Lillie Vale

Successful film liaison Elisha Rowe is determined to put her hometown, Piney Peaks, back on the map. Fifty years ago, the quaint town was the setting for Sleighbells under Starlight, a popular holiday romance movie. When Elisha secures the rights for a sequel, she’s willing to do whatever it takes to make the film a success. The only problem is she needs permission to film at the historic Christmas house, and the new owner refuses to give it to her.

Ves Hollins is a city boy who only returned to Piney Peaks to sell the house he inherited from his great-aunt. The holidays have always been hard for Ves, and it’s even worse now that he’s reminded of Christmases of his past. He doesn’t intend to settle down, but he finds himself drawn to Elisha, and she sees his chilly attitude as a challenge.

In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren

Christina Lauren are one of the most iconic duos in the romance world, and their bestselling holiday romance In a Holidaze is a fan favorite. Maelyn Jones’s life isn’t exactly going according to plan. She lives with her parents, has a dead-end job, and a not-so-great love life. To make matters even worse, this is the last Christmas she’ll spend at her family’s cabin in Utah, the one her parents have shared with two other families her whole life. As she leaves the cabin for the last time, she begs the universe to show her what will make her happy.

Suddenly, Mae gets into an accident and when she wakes up, she’s on the plane to Utah, where she’ll live the same holiday over and over. With every disaster that puts her back on the plane again, Mae must figure out how to get herself out of the time loop and find her true love along the way.

The Ex-Mas Holidays by Zoe Allison

As Maya Bashir heads home for the holidays, she’s dreading having to explain that she just lost her job and ended her relationship. She decides to stop by her friend’s holiday party to take her mind off things, but when she arrives, she runs into the one person she doesn’t want to see – her ex. And she especially didn’t expect to find him serving drinks naked.

Sam Holland did not expect to see Maya after eight years, and at his secret side job for that matter. He also didn’t expect her to take back her old job as a ski instructor in the Scottish Highlands with him. As the two spend more time together, they learn that their breakup eight years ago wasn’t exactly as it seemed, and they need to learn how to express their feelings before they lose their second chance romance.

We hope you enjoyed this list of holiday romantic comedy books! What’s your favorite holiday rom-com? Let us know in the comments

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