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Sleek, Clean & Chic: How To Make The ‘Clean Girl’ Aesthetic On TikTok Yours

The ‘clean girl’ aesthetic has taken over the pages of TikTok and flooded the boards and pins among Pinterest users. The aesthetic comprising of simple, classy and minimalistic beauty and fashion tips can help turn any girl into ‘that’’ girl. ‘That’ girl is someone who embodies the model-off-duty look with the sun-kissed skin, the gold shimmery jewelry, the slicked-back hair and ‌the confidence that makes other people stop and stare in awe…

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3 New Trends In Beauty From Social Media That You Have To Try Out

Sometimes, you might get sick of your typical makeup routine and want to branch out and try something new. The makeup world is constantly revolving, and just like any part of the beauty or fashion industry, new trends are popping up everywhere. There have been so many new makeup trends lately that people are sharing all over the internet, whether it’s on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok…

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