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Dry Dating: Is Dating Sober the Key to a More Authentic Connection?

You’re getting ready for a date with someone you’ve only been talking to for a couple of weeks. Obviously, you’re a little nervous and just want things to go well. As soon as you get to dinner, the first thing on your mind is getting a glass of wine or a cocktail to ease your anxiety…

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Looking For Commitment But They Only Use Snapchat? This Is A Big Red Flag

Let me set the scene. You’re dancing with your friends at your favorite bar when you’re approached by the cute kid you’ve had your eye on since you walked through the door. You talk, dance and really hit it off. As you say goodbye to go get into your Uber, you’re hoping they ask for your number. The moment comes and they say, “You got a snap?”  *insert eye roll*…

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Why It Is Important To Reconnect With Hometown Friends After College

Before moving away for college you say goodbye to your hometown friends. As you hug one another, you swear that this next stage in life will not change your relationship at all. You’ll still talk all the time and visit whenever you can… But as time goes on, you find your place and a new community of friends at school. Now your texts, calls, and visits with your hometown friends are less frequent. And before you know it the relationships that you thought would never change, slowly faded…

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6 Dos And Don’ts For The Best Vacation Strategies With Your Parents And A Partner

A family vacation is a time for relaxation — sort of. Doing the same activities you did with your parents is slightly different when it’s you and your adult siblings. So imagine how much you can figuratively (and on some vacations, literally) rock the boat when you bring your partner along. It’s funny because your early 20s are a time for freedom, exploration and an escape from feeling stuck in your ways…

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