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12 Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Each Zodiac Sign: A Shopping Guide

If you have a friend or family member who’s obsessed with all things astrology and loves to introduce themselves with their rising, moon and sun signs at every first encounter, you might want to consider getting a zodiac-themed gift for them this holiday season! Here are the best Christmas gift for each zodiac sign…

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How To Meet People In Your 20s – Ditch The Dating Apps & Meet People IRL

If you’ve been in the game for long enough, you may be starting to get tired of dating apps. For me, I can’t stand the endless strings of “hey,” “hi, how’s it going?” “pretty good you?” “Good, good.” No, not every conversation is like this, because I don’t happen to be the driest conversationalist out there, but when you’re not given much to work with, this kind of monotony is borderline torture…

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