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How To Meet People In Your 20s – Ditch The Dating Apps & Meet People IRL

If you’ve been in the game for long enough, you may be starting to get tired of dating apps. For me, I can’t stand the endless strings of “hey,” “hi, how’s it going?” “pretty good you?” “Good, good.” No, not every conversation is like this, because I don’t happen to be the driest conversationalist out there, but when you’re not given much to work with, this kind of monotony is borderline torture…

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Why It Is Important To Reconnect With Hometown Friends After College

Before moving away for college you say goodbye to your hometown friends. As you hug one another, you swear that this next stage in life will not change your relationship at all. You’ll still talk all the time and visit whenever you can… But as time goes on, you find your place and a new community of friends at school. Now your texts, calls, and visits with your hometown friends are less frequent. And before you know it the relationships that you thought would never change, slowly faded…

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