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The Garter Toss & 4 Wedding Traditions That Need To Go Away

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I’m getting married next year and have been planning my wedding for the past month. Wedding planning involves so many tiny details, and can definitely feel overwhelming at first. My advice to you if you’re planning a wedding is to find a good wedding planner and sit down and figure out what will be important to you on your day. Then, you might even be like me and find some traditions you don’t want to do. Some popular wedding trends that have stuck around for decades are super outdated, cringey, sexist, and uncomfortable. Here are some popular wedding traditions and trends (like the garter toss) that I think need to go!

Garter Toss/Bouquet Toss

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Do you really want to see the groom crawl up under the bride’s dress to get her garter off? Which is then put on another woman by the man who catches it in the garter toss? I don’t! And I certainly don’t want to be the bride in this situation either! Ew! My family does not ever need to see my fiancé and I in a situation like that. We will definitely be skipping the garter toss.

Bouquet tosses are definitely the lesser evil of the two, but can still feel pretty awkward. Forcing all of the single women in the room to fight over a bouquet so they are assured their life purpose of getting married will happen does not sit right with me. Let’s skip it.

Dogs and Small Children in charge of rings

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Hear me out with this one before you get mad! I’m not against having a small child or a dog BE the ring bearers, but please don’t actually give them the rings. Especially your dog, who could run away with your rings attached at any point down the aisle. This just seems like an accident waiting to happen. Instead, use a funny/cute sign like this one, or this one.

“Man and wife”

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At my wedding, we’re going to be introduced as husband and wife, not man and wife. This phrase is pretty outdated and shows a man’s ownership of their new bride. In our relationship, we’re equals and he is not gaining any ownership over me.

Bridesmaids in the exact same dress/color

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Recently, it has become a big trend to have all of your bridesmaids in different dresses and different colors. Honestly, I’m obsessed with this trend! No shade if this isn’t what you’re planning on doing, but I think letting your bridesmaids choose out of your selected colors or styles is a great way for them to feel their most comfortable on your day! Different body shapes look better in different styles, different people feel comfortable in certain shapes of dresses, and different skin tones pop with different colors! Plus, this mismatched look is super trendy!

Separate side seating

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This one isn’t offensive or anything, it just might make the seating look weird at your ceremony. If the bride and groom have different sized families, one side might be fighting for a seat while the other side has only filled a few rows. There are also some really cute signs, like this one, that can be used to let your guests know they’re allowed to sit anywhere!

Obviously, these are all just my opinions and you can incorporate any of these trends into your wedding and probably will pull it off well! The most important thing to remember when planning a wedding is that it is yours and you should only do what will make you happy!

What wedding trends do you think need to go? Do you think the garter toss is creepy? Let us know in the comments below!

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