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Five Techniques That Will Help You Integrate Manifestation in Your Daily Routine

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The law of attraction works in mysterious ways, and manifestation can work in ways that many don’t even realize. Before embarking on any of these manifestation affirmations journeys, big or small, it is important to evaluate your intentions. Not only does setting intentions help you set a direction for your manifestations, it can help you more clearly complete them! This can be as simple as pondering your intentions on your own to even journaling about them!

Now that you have your intentions set, you’re ready to integrate manifestation into your daily life! Here’s some ways how you can do that:

High-vibe bath time

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Spirituality and bath time go hand in hand in my eyes. It can be such a soothing and meditative experience to chill out in the tub and be cleaning yourself. Use this time to pamper your senses— with luxurious bath scents, candles, soothing music, etc. Then also take a step into your mind to meditate on your manifestation affirmations. Picture the life you are manifesting and care for yourself as that version of you would during your bath. Being super intentional with your self care can help you become more conscious of how you are caring for yourself elsewhere.

Before-bed visualizations

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Maybe it was just the anxious child in me, but I’ve been unintentionally doing this for as long as I can remember. I was pretty superstitious about my bedtime routine and if I didn’t do any single part of it, I was worried I would have a bad day the next day. Even though that wasn’t necessarily true, unintentionally incorporating manifestation before bed likely did help contribute to my good days with the help of the law of attraction. The very last thing I would do before falling asleep would be to close my eyes and picture out how my day was going to go tomorrow from the moment I woke up to the moment I fell asleep (IRL). Not only did this technique help me fall asleep every night, it helped me get an idea of what an ideal tomorrow looked like for me, and at the very least, I could take that visualization and work toward making it happen once I woke up. Consider giving it a try— it takes no time out of your daily routine, and only requires you to close your eyes right before falling asleep and manifesting a great day for tomorrow— or even a bigger great you are attracting. No matter how big or small your visualizations are, it can at least be a sweet tool to help you doze off at night.

Use crystals

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If you’ve ever been inside a crystal shop, you’ve likely seen the little cards explaining all that a little colorful stone can do should you choose to manifest with it. While they’re not necessarily always going to be the magical solution to all your problems, crystals can be a great way to put your manifestations into a physical object and carry around that reminder with you throughout the day. For example, if I’m feeling anxious about the need to communicate with lots of people one day, I might carry around a stone representing the throat chakra or maybe representing courage, and those might help me consciously or unconsciously be reminded of and feel more secure in my manifestations of successful encounters with those people. Crystals also won’t take a lot, if any, time out of your daily routine, because at the very least, you can just chuck one in your pocket and be off for the day. Other techniques include meditating and manifesting while holding the crystals, wearing crystals as jewelry, and placing the crystals in spots where they’ll be useful— like how one that supports good dreams could be placed by your bed.

Construct a vision board

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Putting together a vision board can be a great visualization of your manifestation affirmations. It can be made up of whatever you want— whatever supports your visualizations! Magazine clippings, quotes, poems, pictures, drawings, etc. Once you have your board constructed, place it somewhere you’ll see it every day, to be reminded of what you are striving toward and manifesting. Not only might you work harder with these reminders, but the universe might too!


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If you already journal, great! If not, it can be pretty easy to integrate into your routine! There’s no time requirement, just feeling out yourself and how you think it might be most useful for you. Manifestation journaling is often called scripting, which involves you writing the story of your manifested life — your dream life. Simply writing this stuff down can be enough to put that positive energy out there for yourself!

Do you ever wonder is manifestation real? How do you incorporate the law of attraction into you life? Let us know in the comments if these manifestation affirmations helped you get some ideas!

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