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Tips For College Studying: 4 Study Spots That Will Get You In The Zone

tips for college studying

So, you’re in dire need of a new study space? You’ve come to the right place. To me, the quality of my study sesh depends heavily on the environment that I’m in. I wouldn’t want to sacrifice valuable quality study time just because my environment doesn’t well suit what I’m needing to focus on. If I’m at home, I can easily get distracted by whats around me. If I’m with friends, I can also get distracted. If it’s way too quiet… I can get distracted too? Need tips for college studying? Here are a few go-to study spots to get your study groove on.

On the ground outside

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Whether this involves a tree as your backrest or a picnic blanket as your “desk,” studying outdoors on the ground offers up a lot of opportunities and is great for long-term study sessions that involve switching between tasks. The versatility of an outdoor-floor study is almost endless; you can spread out textbooks, notebooks and other study materials because of your large floor canvas, you can lean back and get some solid reading done, you can even get some decent writing done in a non-distracting but also inspiring environment. The only problems with this study space is that wifi is rarely available, so make sure you plan ahead and can use your phone’s hotspot or can do homework offline. If I’m doing this kind of studying, I like to opt to do it on my college’s campus so I can still try to connect to the wifi if I need it. Otherwise, this spot is great for anything not dependent on the internet.

In a coffee shop

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Not only does this environment cater to those looking to study or get work done, but it also serves up that little boost to your creativity: coffee. These spots have a great study ambiance, with quiet music, mellow chatter and a usual lack of harsh lighting. I like coffee shop study sessions for when I’m working with friends or classmates or for when I need a public but pleasant study spot.

Empty Rooms

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This one might sound a little funny but when you think about it, there are lots of empty rooms at any given time around your college campus or even around town. You just have to know where to look. If studying in a classroom seems like a good fit for you, maybe check to see when classrooms might be empty at certain times throughout the week. This can be especially effective for studying if you will be tested in the same classroom. Regardless, there are lots of other empty-room options. On my college’s campus, several buildings have private and and group study rooms that can either be reserved or first-come, first-serve. Though other spaces like dorm common rooms, or even empty lounge space in an apartment complex’s office can be great study spots if you give them a chance.

Library or bookstore

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If you’re trying to do some heavy lifting in terms of studying or conducting research, libraries and bookstores are great places to go to study. They are often very quiet places with an abundance of research materials at your fingertips. A lot of times, these places might already have coffee shops built into them as well, so you’ve got a lot of bases covered in order to study here.

Where are your go-to college study spots? What other tips for college studying should we write about in another article? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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