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We’re Falling in Love Over These 10 Autumnal Date Ideas

Now that it’s October, the pumpkin patches, haunted houses, corn mazes and fall festivals are opening up. If you’re in a new relationship, an old one, or you’re meeting up with someone new, there are so many different and super fun activities to do. Here are all of the best fall dates ideas to keep your October booked.

The Classics

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Obviously, I could not write this article without the classic fall dates. Please, if you do nothing else on this list, grab your boo (haha! Ghost pun) and head to these activities! Whether it is apple picking, a pumpkin patch, a haunted house, or a fall festival, these are options that you should not pass up! They are classic options for a reason!

Carve/Paint Pumpkins

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This is another classic, but I have more advice than just the typical. You can get some newspapers, some carving tools and some candles to carve pumpkins if you want to, but I prefer painting pumpkins. I hate the smell of pumpkins, and I hate getting my hands all gross (I know I’m a weenie). But, you can have the exact same amount of fun with painting pumpkins, and they’ll probably last longer. Though, if you do choose to carve the pumpkins, you have to bake the seeds! Use this recipe to make the tastiest cinnamon sugar pumpkin seeds!

Movie Marathon

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This is another easy date. Grab a bag of Halloween candy, Pilsbury pumpkin or ghost cookies, and some pumpkin Reece’s and get comfy on the couch. Bonus points if you get a pumpkin bucket or cauldron, write a bunch of Halloween/spooky movies down and put them in the bucket. Pick at random and have a perfect movie marathon!

Scary Tours

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In my town, there are a few companies that do scary tours around town. Sometimes tours are done in shuttles, or are done on foot! A tour guide can take you and your date to all of the scary or haunted locations nearby! If your town doesn’t offer tours, take yourselves on one! Research all of the haunted places (like haunted hotels, graveyards, etc.) and check them all out! Do a little ghost hunting and sightseeing together!

Fall Baking

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There are so many different recipes that you could bake together! Want pumpkin spice? Check out this article! Some other ideas are banana bread, pie, chai cookies, maple-flavored treats and so many other fall flavors! You could even turn it into a game if you’re the competitive type and see who can bake the best! And after you’re done baking, you get to eat the treats!

Visit A Cider Mill

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Just like a wine tasting, head to a nearby cider mill and sip away! Beyond apple, most cider mills have a bunch of different flavors for you to give a try! You can go for standard cider or alcoholic cider, depending on the type of date you’re going for!

Go Searching For The Best Cup Of Joe

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There are so many different coffee shops that you probably haven’t been to just yet in your town! With your date, plan out a date to try a bunch of different ones and rank the coffees you get! Not a coffee drinker? This can be done with any drink, as long as all of the coffee shops have it! I love to do this with chai! Maybe you can do this with pumpkin lattes! Whatever your fave fall drink is, try a bunch of new shops and rank them!


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Fall is the perfect time to explore the outdoors! It is especially fun if there is a fall leaves hike nearby! Look for a hiking trail with a ton of trees, and wait until the leaves start changing colors. This is the perfect time to go on a hike with a date! Sit by the creek, pack a picnic and enjoy the outdoors!


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Just like hiking, fall is the perfect time to go camping! Just make sure to pack some sweaters, blankets and thermals so you stay warm! You and your date can camp out in your backyard or go camping at a campground. If you’re allowed to, setting up a fire and roasting s’mores is the perfect fall activity! Tell some ghost stories, sing a campfire song and pitch a tent!


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I love decorating for Halloween! Whether you live together or have separate places, you can keep busy decorating all day. Head to your favorite stores, buy some decor and come back to put it all up. Tell Alexa to play a Halloween playlist and Monster Mash around the house as you put out spiderwebs, pumpkins, eyeballs, lights, ghosts, and anything else you can find. Decorating is one of my favorite parts of the holiday, so take advantage and turn it into a super fun date!

What are your favorite fall dates ideas? Let us know in the comments below, and happy spooky season!

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