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Body Positivity And Empowerment Can Be Found In Artistic Nudes

Disclaimer: Some images and discussions in this article may be too mature for some readers. Viewer discretion advised.

artistic nudes

The move for body positivity is constant. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and artists and amateurs have been celebrating each beautiful variation with the increasingly popular artistic nude. While the female body has been the topic of many great works of art throughout time, painting nudes (or sculpting or drawing) has been taking off recently, and we can see why!

Be it a painting, sculpture, drawing, etc. people are creating self-portraits and artwork celebrating female bodies. It can be for their sexiness, strength, creation powers, or for mere appreciation of “imperfect” forms. Regardless, the practice has been taking off in recent years. Though, this is not a recent development. Artists have been portraying the human body since the beginning of time. This is reflected in Rome through sculptures, in Egypt through hieroglyphics, and so many other historical examples. It has been seen as taboo, and has also not been seen as taboo – a cycle of off and on for such a long time. Right now, artists are once again making a resurgence. 

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There have even been TikTok trends celebrating this kind of artwork. From paint prints achieved by sitting on a canvas to jewelry made to look like different body parts, a nude female body seems to be among the most popular topics in the 2021 art sphere. Artistic nudes often celebrate body positivity, along with bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Lots of artists have shared their reasons behind creating this type of art. While some say they were simply inspired to create from the female form, others are driven by other incentives. Self-portraits can help creators see the art their bodies are. They can also help with issues like body dysmorphia. Some artists get commissioned portraits to help the customers with such struggles. Many artists strive to empower woman and everyone – by showing that body of every single size are beautiful and deserving of art. This can help with those who feel like their body types aren’t shown often or represented. 


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In other instances, artistic nudes can be created as a mere celebration of the body and all its power and beauty. Despite their boldness, these works of art are familiar and meditative often. This familiarity not only comes from our relationships with our own bodies and others,’ but the rekindling of an artistic “trend” that is as historical as they come. To learn more about the rich history of female nude paintings, read this article. This rekindling is bringing all the good vibes and positive feminine energy to the center of the art sphere and I’m loving it! 

What do you think of these new age artistic nudes? Let us know in the comments below!

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